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September 15, 2009



The "new" fabric you chose to use is so beautiful it makes up for the "turkey" geese fiasco!
BTW, there are times I toss the whole caboodle, but in the photo from yesterday they didn't really look that bad:)

Mary Flynn

Yummy fabric choices...thank goodness for the new day!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Glad you got your mojo working, Nicole.


Love the turkey comment! Made my day. And it is ok to throw away fabric. It's yours. Besides I sew for enjoyment, I don't know about you and it wouldn't be fun to try and deal with them!


Oh wow I need to find this tool. I'm assuming you used the mini size for the Schnibbles. I need to get started on mine!


Nicole . . . I love the fabrics you chose to go with the fat quarters . . . hmmm . . . I must "shop" in my stash too !!

about throwing away your pieces . . . when I took my first photography classes . . . the instructor told us to choose the best 4 photos from a roll and throw out the rest . . . he said . . . "don't let them haunt you" . . . move on !!

of course today . . . we have digital and that helps . . . hmmm "digital fabric" someday . . . LOL . . .


These fabrics are great...can't wait to see your quilt! And thanks for the info on the ruler...I had been debating whether or not to try it...and now I will!


I've tried that ruler and love it! They come out perfect...your new fabric is awesome! This Schnibble is going to be gorgeous.


Ohhh I love this new inspirational fabric, Nicole. Yummy! And hey, what a great new tool. I like that. :)


Gooble,gooble..........ended up turkey! ahahahah You are so funny! Great post today.


Now that's what I'm talking about! The Nicole that we all love is back in action. The focus fabric is divine and I can't wait to see this quilt. I must get those rulers!


Sometimes it just takes a folly to generate an inspiration, Nicole! I'm so happy that you're off and running on a very luscious looking project!


Beautiful fabric and geese! I loved your turkey comment. :-) And ordered the Fit to be geese templates right away - thanks for the tip!


I think I might have to have one of those little geese tools-how cool! Your new fabric choices are beautiful-I absolutely love that black one! I could drape that all over my house and be totally happy! Can't wait to see the finished project! Mine is cut...better get to that!

Sinta Renee

It's going to be beautiful and the frustration of the first attempt will be long forgotten. I have another Flying Geese ruler... I wonder if this one by Open Gate would be any better? Of course it always helps to USE it.


I see nothing wrong with the geese from yesterday's post but if you say so. These new geese look great. Another tool for my list. :D


We as quilters do not have to keep every single thing we have ever bought or made....if something didn't work, toss it. If you changed your mind about a piece of fabric, it's ok.....not to be wasteful, but we just can not keep every single thing.....we've all been there.


Holy guacamole, do I have to get one of those! I can't make straight flying geese to save my life. It's still bugging me you threw all those away. Are you sure you can't salvage them? Maybe cut them down and make something else out of them?


I MUST have this ruler and SOONER than later! Way to go is good!
Nancy in WI

Magnolia Bay Quilts

That's a cool little gadget! Your geese are so perfect.


Spice Market...that's the first I've seen or heard of that, but I like it!
I can't wait to see it finished!

I'm happy you're back on track!

Kathy Wagner

Glad to hear you didn't get discouraged and just started again!
Must search out this tool!


I think on my next geese project, I'll invest in that tool b/c I'm not really happy with my Schnibbles, but I'm not starting over either. Thanks for sharing!

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