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September 22, 2009



It all sounds wonderful.


I think it sounds like a fairly good arrangement, considering. Now don't fritter away your evenings - sew, read, wax! Spend those precious weekends with your husband. It is nice he can live away from home and yet still be with family. I won't tell him you two are sleeping in, in fact 7:45 isn't REALLY sleeping in if you ask me. ;)


I'm so glad things are working out. It is so good to hear.

Nanna mary

things will work out for you you will make it happen you have A good head on your shoulders.
Hugs Mary.


Sounds like you have a good plan.
My husband was laid off in June and our 31 year old daughter in May. She came back home as she couldn't swing the rent on unemployment. These are tough times.
My husband is a truck driver and if he wants to go "on the road " ( away for a week at a time )he could probably do that tomorrow. If it comes to that I too will be sewing more which that part sounds nice.
Hang in there.


Nicole you just sound wonderful! It's amazing when Andy's out of town, my boys don't have to get up at 4:30 either...they try it the first morning, I let them know they better go back to sleep and we all sleep in. It's amazing how they just know what they can do with which parent. Enjoy your time!

Nancy Stevens

As usual, you are putting a positive, upbeat spin on a less-than-optimal situation. Bravo!


My husband travels frequently for work. When he's gone, Cooper and I have a different routine. I get out the place mats for the kitchen table that he hates, I eat on my schedule not his, and rarely cook. It's cereal or Lean Cuisine. When husband gets home we have a different routine. I like both routines, and like you, make the most of both.

How great that your husband has Ozzie waiting for him at the end of the day and you have Sophie at home with you. I send my husband a CPOTD (Cooper Picture of the Day) when he travels.

After the summer you've had I think ONE dinner at Coldstone Creamery is called for!!

Was Sophie the only girl at your house to get a a new "do"? Can't wait for the waxing story, some things are better left to professionals!


Nicole I am so happy that things are looking up for you and yours! Your schnibble is lovely.

Sherry V.

My DH comes home from work; we have dinner together; then he retires to the couch (on which he promptly falls asleep) so I get my computer & sewing time in without the "unfriendly" feeling since he is the one that "deserts" me. he he he

I look forward to seeing what all the extra sewing time will result in.


I've been lurking for some time on your blog -- I so enjoy your many, many stories, your fabulous quilts, and your wide-open-to-the-world attitude. You're often an inspiration for better living!
I'm so glad that your husband has found a great job. For nine years my husband had an away-during-the-week job. And from experience I can say that you have the right idea. Live each part of your life to the fullest, and enjoy. I foresee many happy sewing hours, and stories, in your future.


First of all, congratulations to your hubby on getting the job. I wish him all the best truly hope he enjoys his new job. It is wonderful that he can stay with family when he is away, and after the pictures of Andrea's wonderful cooking, you know he will be eating well.
Enjoy your quiet time and get lots of sewing done. I'm certain that your time on the weekends with your hubby will be extra special. I know the snippets of time my hubby and I had together during the 2 years he lived in Alaska, were true quality time and kind of set the standard for our relationship now that he is retired.
You know that your DH is in good hands with family, so make darn sure you take good care of yourself. Of course, Sophie will see that you do, she will take on her new job of 'guardian' very seriously. Besides, doesn't having Sophie snuggled up to you in bed when your there alone just give you the 'warm fuzzies'? There is just so much love and companionship wrapped up in thier furry little bodies.


You are truly a blessed woman! I'm waiting for someone to tell me how to get all the hair growing on my chin and upper lip to somehow move up to my head. One is getting thinner while the other seems to be flourishing!! Anyone have any ideas?


Sounds like a good solution for everyone. Especially your dad!


Things sound great, you seem to have a wonderful support system all around you and that is terrific. Enjoy!


What a great attitude you have about the whole situation. You must be so thankful he has a job!
They always say," Absence makes the heart grow fonder". Treasure those weekends together. How wonderful he (and Ozzie) can stay with your Dad!


Sounds like heaven to me!!! A whole week with just you and Sophie! Maggie and I would love that.


I am thrilled for you. I've been following your quilting for a couple of years now, and am anxious to see more of your beautiful work. You continually inspire me in my own quilting.


Sounds great...congrats on your husband's new job...but seriously...Cold Stone might be good at least once a week!


Sounds the best possible aggrangement under the current circumstances!



My husband and I only lived together on weekends for the first 18 months of marriage, and after that he traveled a lot. Now, he's home every evening, I travel for work, and our son and daughter in law live with us. It works. I do wonder if going back to the old ways of families sharing houses isn't going to bring back some other good things?


What a wonderful sounding life, Nicole! I wish you all the best!


Wow...that's a lot in one post...tons of things going on around there! It sounds like everyone gets to do things a little differently and everyone is making lemonade from the lemons you felt a little while ago. Cute photo of Sophie! It would be absolutely delightful to have some time to oneself to do things one absolutely loved!


I'm so glad your husband found a job. My husband and I also have a long-distance relationship, as do many of my friends. A little different, but it's all good. The time he is away is "me time" and when we are together we plan activities we both enjoy. Best wishes to you! I can't wait to see all the quilts you get done now.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Sounds like good news for everyone.

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