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September 29, 2009



I LOVE these dogs. I'm so glad no fur flew at their reunion. That quilt they're on is amazing!


When I saw the first picture, I thought, oh no, they're going to start going at it but all is well. They are so cute! Nancy in WI


Awww....don't they look cute. Looks like they've declared a truce -- for now.


As they say, 'absence makes the heart grow fonder'...

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Those doggies sure look nice on that beautiful quilt. They match.


They did miss each other. Peace, for the moment. What is that quilt pattern? Love it! Is it a Miss Rosie's?


They are adorable! What is the pattern of the quilt the "kids" are laying on? It looks like the same pattern as in your header and I love it! Thanks!


I'd like to know the pattern and fabric of the quilt too!


Lovely reunion :-) Let's all stay friends.

Nanna mary

OH Nicole Ilove your little stories of the dogs they make me laugh you should write a book the Tail's of Ossie and Sophie it Would be A good read.
Hugs Mary.


Very happy they reunited safely and happily! You are great with dog lingo!

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