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September 30, 2009



You have some beautiful project there. And I know the feeling, and probably just about every quilter out there does. I have oodles of unfinished projects myself. I have spent a good sum of money on those plastic project boxes myself!

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Enjoyed the UFO tour Nicole...cheers!


Oh I just love Birdseye...I keep saying I need to get going on that one...and Flowers for Clara is just gorgeous. Enjoy your wine!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Lots of block beauty. My favorite: the variable star block in first photo.

Lisa D.

You couldn't go wrong picking any of those projects to work on. They will all be wonderful!

Kathy Wagner

All of these projects are great! Enjoy visiting them!


Hope you enjoyed the wine. I like all the projects but the first is my favourite. Its lovely to have the time to ponder what to work on but sometimes we accomplish more with less time (so says a recent retiree).

Mary Flynn

I do same...think I want to work on something, side tracked with another...yet another and before you know time! I hear simliarity.


My goal in January was to finish all my UFOs before I started a new project. Around May, couldn't take it anymore but felt so guilty everytime I drooled over new fabrics/patterns, couldn't get the UFOs to stop whining in my head. So, now I force myself to complete 1 UFO and the next one something new. Makes it easier to get thru the UFO knowing a new one is within reach. Too bad some of the new ones have also turned into UFOs.....sigh


Ohh, go back to the neptune fabrics. I can't wait to see how that quilt turns out! My goal this year has been one old thing, one new thing...that makes me feel like I have made a little progress on my ufo's, but doesn't stop me from doing new things too! Hope you enjoyed your wine and you enjoy the week!

Deb C

I love the star medallion in the first photo.
I love Allspice Tapestry as well. I have one kit and one FQ bundle of their fabrics waiting for me to play with them. And then there's Dandilion Girls, and my 1974 fabrics and so on and so on. I sit there with my wheels spinning all the time too pondering over which project to start next. I'm a starter/non-finisher as well. :)


There must be a trend here. I have been trying to finish one UF project a month and one new one a month...seems though life often gets in the way...All the while I am am loving all the new fabrics, I am feeling guilty about the UFO's that are piling up! and, I agree, a glass of wine is helpful when looking over plans for a new project or deciding what UFO to finish.

Karen Beigh

I certainly enjoyed reading your post today. It is so easy to wile the day away and accomplish not much of anything. I am retired and could sew 24 hours a day. Seldom get to the sewing machine before afternoon.


You have a good system in keeping things organized. They all look like good projects....but the thrill of something new! How we all know that feeling! It will be nice to see this one when it's finished. Good luck.


UFOs... I unearthed one the other day that is made with Robyn Pandolph's Summer Cottage fabric! How old is that? I love it, the quilt will be wonderful and I will finish it... eventually. Maybe not in this lifetime, but certainly in the next one. :)

Don't you find that it's a mood-thing? I love it and I want to finish it, but I'm in the mood to work on something else. If I've been doing lots of dark reproductions, I want something lighter, prettier. And vice versa.

Wine o'clock. The best time of day... and time well-spent. I hope yours was most excellent.


Boy, do I know that feeling. Love the projects, but sometimes just can't get back to them. Does this happen to you? You're so excited about a new project and new fabric. But once you get a couple of blocks done - you see what it's going to look like - you love it, but have trouble finishing because you want to do the same to the next project. Oh well, mine eventually get done or sometimes move on to someone who wants to finish it!

DebS in CA

As I got to the end of your post this morning, I read the last line ...

"What is the matter with me? I need to focus. But, it's Wine O'Clock."

And then I see under that the posting time of 5:43 AM! I just had to laugh. No wonder you can't focus.

(I just know these are the events from yesterday)


i would have picked neptune.. but have fun with civil war prints!! ;-)

Deitra Mixer

I absolutely LOVE that "Flowers for Clara" pattern. Also adore Civil War prints...get focused so we can see the finished product! ;)


I know this isn't a vote but I would start "Birdseye" if I were you. That's on my list too. I have the same problem and it really stresses me out! Nancy in WI


Wine O'Clock....oh yes I think it's that time here too. What a coincidence ;)

I, too, have many UFOs that just don't want to be finished. Something about oh well not going to get quilted anytime soon anyhow.

Nanna mary

I like the first one You have there I would like to see it finished.
Hugs Mary.


Now that's the kind of problem to have, which beautiful project to work on....I don't think you can make a poor choice, but I really like the blue star one, but the civil war one is a close second.


Ohhh I love the Birdseye pattern! That border fabric is gorgeous!!!
I really like to work on 2 or 3 different projects at the same time. Must be the Gemini in me! ha


Congratulations at least on having the projects together all in one place! That's a lot of loveliness to choose from; I'd have trouble focusing too :)

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