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September 21, 2009


Karen Beigh

What a relief to have your husband going back to work and you to have more sewing time. I know the awful feelings from past experience when the main bread winner in the family is out of work.

Pesky Patti

Hey Lady...

I thought of you yesterday morning. I heard geese in the air and looked up to see a formation of them...FLYING NORTH!!! What's up with that?


Yippee!! Congratulations on your husband accepting a job offer! I'm sure to you it seemed like he was out of work for ages but I think he got another job very quickly!! What a relief for you all! Haircuts all around!

Your Schnibbles turned out beautifully! That border really sets it all off!

I'm hoping to wrap mine up today or tomorrow.


Congratulations on your great news! Now go get your hair and nails done. Same goes for the dogs.


Congratulations to your husband - I am sure that he is much relieved, he must have felt awful seeing you working so many hours to help make ends meet.
And a second set of congratulations on the finished quilt - it is absolutely gorgeous and well worth the effort you put into it.
Enjoy your newfound hours.


Oh, what a relief. . .there has barely been a day pass when I haven't thought of you and your husband. I'm so very happy for you both. Now, get to that Bernina, girl. . .!


Congrats to you and your husband...hope the new job goes well for him! Love the Schnibbles quilt!


Congrats on the job for the hubby and more sewing time!!
The quilt is really great and knowing your flying geese aren't wonky means you'll like it more!!


Hi Nicole . . .

GREAT NEWS about the new job for your husband . . . wonderful !!

I love the table topper . . . you always work wonders . . . my fat quarters are still sitting on my cutting table . . . wah !! . . . but now I am inspried to do something . . . !!


Congratulations!!! That is the best news ever! Is the job offer close by, so that there won't be a move in your near future? Will you still keep both of your jobs?

Your right, that looks gorgeous on your table! You did inspire me to order those little flying geese rulers, can't wait to give them a try. :~)

Missy Ann

Happy for you!


Fantastic. This is such superb news and I'm truly jubilant for you.

And the schnibble is the icing on the cake!!!


Nicole, I'm so happy hear about your husband and the new job! I've enjoyed hearing about everything, but I'm sure you'll be relieved to focus on quilty things.

Cathy McMann

Happy news about your husband's new job! And the quilt looks very fresh on your table, love the green vase with the sunflowers.

Nan S.

I'm so happy for you! I often think of the power of the written word - how so many of us who have never met you, but have followed your blog, can feel that you're a good friend. We all rejoice in your good fortune after these difficult weeks!

Your quilt top is beautiful and just the thing for fall. It makes me want to join the Schnibbles group, but I already have so many UFO's. I think I'll try to resist.


His job is in San Francisco--100 miles away! No plans to move though.
During the work week he will stay with relatives who live closer to the
city. Our weekends will be all the more special. He took Ozzie with him,
and I have Sophie. She is an angel when Oz isn't around! The house is very
peaceful without the male hormones.

On Mon, Sep 21, 2009 at 6:57 AM, wrote:

Paulette Doyle

Congrats about the job!! And love the new tablecloth! Well done!


I'm so happy for your husband and you!! I hope the new position is all that he hopes for!! Maybe, eventually, he could work from home one day a week. I wish all Bay area companies would do that - sure would help. Hooray , too, you can cut back your hours - more sewing time for you just in time for fall!


Such great news! Happy for you. And your table topper looks lovely. I've yet to start mine...better get with it (I came late to this project!)


Celebrate good times come on!!!! Are you singing yet?

I'm really happy or you and hubs. Great for him for getting a wonderful job in this market and great for you for being able to slow down and smell the fabric!!


Anne Bebbington

So glad that something has come up for your husband - the waiting for that is so worrying - I'm sure he appreciates your support over the trying times though. Now perhaps you can all get back on track again


I love it (the Schnibbles)! And so happy for you to see the good post title and the "thumbs up!" Have a great week!


Yippie Skippy for your hubby. Life will settle back down for you in the near future and you will look back at this time and reflect on how you realized what was/is important for your family! Congrats!

Allyson in Alaska

What a great post. Full of good news and a beautiful quilt top. It's been a good weekend for you and your family. Congratulatiosn all around.


Yeah, congratulations to your husband!! AND TO YOU!!! xo

Oh and love your project!

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