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October 13, 2009


Susan Ramey Cleveland



Oh, I can SOOO sympathize with you on the "guilt from work when you take a day" thing. I mean...they give them to us...and then when we have the "gall" to use them...we get the stink-eye! I'm glad that you at least only had to work a 1/2 day and that you did get some sewing in. Hope that your ripping goes quickly...


Not fun when that happens but you're taking it like an experienced quilter and FOR THAT I send you a big warm cup of coffee and a nice hug, too. ...or if you're reading this after 12 - a glass of wine!


My colleagues have been known to seek me out when I'm in the restroom to ask stupid questions that easily could have waited 5 minutes. I don't think I've had a day off yet where I haven't gotten at least 1 phone call. I feel your pain Nicole.


Beautiful block. But are you SURE they don't read your blog? That would be like my secretary who once called in sick to go to opening day of the baseball season. A major league team. Her picture was on the front page of the newspaper the next day! So busted.


Oh I love that block...darn that you're getting an icky cold...take good care.

Mary Flynn

Darling block and sucks you have to unsew...wishing you well as well. Pretty much sucks when you don't feel good and have to unsew!


I love the birdseye block! I spent quite a bit of time with my seam ripper Saturday...taking apart 36 blocks because I forgot to trim them to exactly 2 1/2"'d think I knew better by now!


Aaarrgghh! NOT FAIR! Guess no good deed goes unpunished.....
Hope you're feeling better!


Hope you are feeling better and that it isn't anything that an afternoon of sewing won't cure! Love your blog and you do beautiful's very inspirational!!


What a great block, the colors are going to be fab when it's all together. I am lucky at work, we send people home if they are sick. And when I was dealing with my cancer treatments and coming in late, they finally said to me "we can't believe you show up for work!" I'm very lucky, I know!


I'm sorry that you are sick! What were your co-workers thinking making you go to work? I take the term co-workers loosley as it seems like you do the work, they do the whining. Watch what happens when they get sick. Will they show up? Oh, no!!!

Love the block but I'm sorry about all the ripping out. At our retreats we always gave out a Ribbit Award. It was always some sort of frog; a pair of socks with frogs on them or a stuffed frog or something along that line. Whoever had to rip out the most, i.e. ribbit, they got the prize at the end of the retreat. What was nice is that if someone had a lot of ripping out to do, everyone would stop what they were doing and help! Have a great rainy day!


Oh I hate that! Sorry you are sick and they still want you to work. At one time I worked in an office full of men and they did not know anything! Same issues as you.
Beautiful block.


Ah poor Nicole. But at least you have your one pretty to look at while you do it. And knowing me I'd have left them and just "adjusted" the pattern. Bias is evil in my little world. Make sure to get some good sleep so you can fight off the worst of the virus.


I love that block, it's new to me. Its cuteness is more apparent when you can see it up close, although they all look adorable in the pattern.

So sorry you are feeling poorly, hopefully you were able to rest up and feel better today. Guess there's no Talbots for you, they are a little more germ conscience than your morning job coworkers.

I hope Sophie's ears were covered when you discovered your mistake.

Sandra Rocca

I just read the latest posts and i was shocked that someone would even think of saying anything negative about you or your blog!!! I love your blog-its so honest and entertaining. I have not left a comment before but I am a follower. Don't let it get you down-there are many, many of us who adore your blog so keep up the great work and by the way I LOVE the birds eye block as well. Hope you feel better soon!


Hi love the block, but have to admit when I saw the heading Birdseye Block and then immediately looked at the photo - what jumped out at me where the two crescent shapes in the larger triangles in the top left and centre squares, and it sort of looked a little like an owl! Now having seen it, I can't not see


Lovely, lovely blocks and fabric, I too saw an owl at first glance. Too bad about the ripping but that's part of what its all about. Great taste in coasters as well - I have the same ones. Hope your cold gets better soon - so many people I read about or meet are ill at this time of year.


I love your block! Can't wait to see all the others. Remy and Ozzie sure look happy to be together.

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