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October 14, 2009



Awww...poor Sophie. It's ok, daddy and big brother will be home soon!


One of my Maltese will sit outside my daughter's room with the saddest look on his face when she is away. He'll just sit there, and sit there. It's really sad actually. But cute too in a way.

Vicki W

That's just pitiful!

Magnolia Bay Quilts

Oh, the things we do for our pets. I can just picture you barking under the dust ruffle! Her face looks so sad in the picture by the window.


What a sad face! Poor thing is missing Ozzie.


I think dogs definitely notice the absence of other pets. My dog got very cuddly after we had to have the cat put to sleep. Either he "misses" her, or he understands what happened and is afraid, LOL!!

Terriers are especially smart and intuitive, so I wouldn't be surprised at all if Sophie is missing Ozzie.

Mary Flynn

She misses her guy. Just look at the face...such a sweetie.


Oh she misses her brother :(


We don't know what we have until it's gone do we? I think Sophie misses Ozzie. As for Remi OMG how cute! I've had 2 westies over the years and hope to get another one day. I just love that breed. That puppy picture brings back memories of my Jessie, gone 5 years now; she was 14 when she passed. I had her since she was 10 weeks. I still miss her! OK enough babbling.


Oh I think she does miss Ozzie...look at her face...I'll bet you just don't bark like Ozzie does, so you're not as much fun...LOL!


Somebody tell me what we would do without our dogs!!!!!


Maybe you weren't barking just right when you tried to play the game with her Nicole. (just kidding of course). I know when one of my pups is at the vet or groomers, the other just paces nervously at the top of the stair until their best bud arrives safely home. One thing about the game though. My little Schnauzer mix plays a version of that and I know she thinks she is hiding, but her rear end, stubby little tail and hind legs stick out from under the bed instead of her nose and paws, LOL. I have to say to that both my dogs favor the game "What's that under the blanket?" especially in the middle of the night when I shift my feet around. Ah well, as Jean puts it so perfectly...Somebody tell me what we would do without our dogs!!!!! I for one, would be completely lost.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Cute pictures; cute doggies.


I NEVER tire of your dog stories and pictures. That looks like a stuffed animal peeking out from under the bed!

I noticed Tiny Rem's ears where down and found that curious, then I read online that they stand up by themselves between 3 and 6 months, if the hair is kept trimmed!! What would we do without the internet?


Poor Sophie. Ozzie is having all the fun!


Oh my, baby remi is so CUTE! I think Sophie misses Ozzie, look at those eyes! Erin :)


I just don't know what is more adorable! Little Baby Remy, or Sophie hiding! Your blog brightens my day. Thank you.

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