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October 23, 2009


Nancy, Near Philadelphia

A stash is nothing more than a Fabric 401(k) Plan, Nicole. The theory being that by the time I retire (assuming I ever can), fabric prices will have increased to the point that I can't afford to buy any. But -- not to worry -- there is that glorious STASH!


Love the comment made previously about the 401(k) fabric plan. You do have a lot of reds!!! Gorgeous. Looks like a fun challenge. I think my plate is pretty full right now, otherwise, I would love to participate. Is there a deadline? When are you starting? In case I change my mind ;-)) Thanks.


I would love to join in too, but I think I have enough WIP to get me occupied for the next 5 years!!!! I love all those red fabrics!!!

Lisa D.

Wow, you have a wonderful stash of reds. I'm going to pull mine out this weekend to see what I have. In my mind, they are lacking. Maybe I should try blues instead?


I've only been quilting for a year but that stash is building up - I simply can't resist buying a fat quarter (or more) whenever I visit a quilt show or fabric store. Looking forward to seeing the use you make of your red stash.


Someone asked me if I had much of a stash. I replied not much except that I did have a nice collection of reds. You my friend have a collection of reds, I now know I have a sampling of reds.


my stash started with leftovers and fat quarters. I moved on to purchasing a yard of interesting fabrics. Then I realized that I often needed 3-4 yds if it was a focal fabric. Now I buy at least 2-4 yds (or more). Amazing how quickly it adds up. My husband laughed when I read him the 401K remark. "That's what you've been doing for years". Got to love a guy who understands. Just ask him how many screwdrivers he owns.:)

Karen L.

The thing about fabric is you need to buy it when you see it or it won't be there when you want it! However, sites like make the hunt easier. Consequently, my sewing area looks just like a fabric store because I like just about everything I see! It's also so helpful when you show us a particularly wonderful fabric or group of fabrics and then identify the designer and fabric name. I have started pinning the selvedge information to my scraps so that I can find more (hopefully) if I need it.
Karen L.


I love that book! And my husband likes a lot of the designs too, which is always nice.


You are such a tease. I LOVE red quilts and I just cut all the red strips for a scrappy cream/red Pineapple Blossom from Bonnie Hunters site. I've made 2 and this will be my 3rd.


OMG Nicole those are the most gorgeous red fabrics...what a yummy pile!


Hi Nicole, catching up here having been busy closing on our house and packing! I love this challenge - and red - and I have the book! I'll definitely be following along in spirit for this quilt! You sound so happy in your new situation - it's so great that your hubby has found a job and you can spend more time quilting!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

I joined this challenge and also the fabric strip swap. I ordered my copy of the book from Amazon. Can't wait to get started. I wonder if it would be ok to use pink instead of red. I still have all those pinks I got from you, plus a whole bunch more. Don't have much reds.


I love shopping in my stash. But of course, there is always one piece that you need because you don't have the right shade in your stash. And while you are at it, there was this very lovely blue or pink or whatever that you just might need one day...... oh does it ever end?? I hope not :-)

Karen Beigh

I won't go so far as to say your reds are to die for but darn close!

Allyson in Alaska

Ohhhhh, those are some delicious reds! You are going to find yourself with yet another gorgeous quilt in the very near future. This picture makes me want to go downstairs and play in my own pile of reds. I have to work on my October Schnibbles first. Focus Allyson, focus.


I love red- Nicole but rarely make red quilts- Yours is sure to be a stunner.
As for stash building- I do love to go up to the stash in my sewing room, and shop for the fabrics in my newest quilt- I have known others who build a stash from their scraps and then collect other people's scraps.
Interesting how some people want a stash and others don't...
Thanks for sharing,


I am keen as mustard for this quilt-along. I have ordered the book and emailed Allyson. I just hope that the fact that I live on an island on the other side of the world won't count against me!

Rae Ann

Can't wait to see all of those beautiful reds made up into a quilt. It will be gorgeous!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

I've decided to use the Rouenneries line from French General for my quilt. I found a fat quarter bundle and ordered it. Can't wait to get started.


I am in Love - and am now thinking that I need to buy some more reds. People collect all kinds of things and they appreciate much more rapidly than the 401K. Fabric is not just a collection though as it provides many hours of pleasure and it is always good to be able to get a project up and running without needing to run out to get supplies!


I've signed up for this - and am getting quite excited!!! Time to get stash sorting / shopping......


WOW! Now I thought I was the only "stasher" draggin tubs fron the garage into the sewing room! lol...Oh wait, flat "tubs" under the extra bed on the back porch/hand sewing room...Love your reds!

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