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October 16, 2009



My cat does the same thing whenever I am sewing! But don't you love them :)
She just misses Ozzie.


ha,ha, what a character. Seems like she doesn't mind having her picture taken either.


At least she has good taste.

Carol Lewis

She reminds me of my silly dogs. I think she brought you the boot because she wanted to go walking.


oh she is so adorable though! guess she needs to be let out and just run around to tire her out!
love that line of fabric where did you find a bundle of it???

Deb C

Oh how cute she is! I have a German Shorthair Pointer who has a nose for yarn. It can be in a box in the closet, and he'll find it. They are great company but will find all sorts of creative ways to get your attention. I'm glad you discovered her mischief before she got into too much trouble!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

I think she just wants to help you make that quilt, Nicole. That girl has caught the quilting bug.

Nan S.

Great pictures - and what a beautiful quilt Sophie is lying on!! I went through your quilt album (which I think you need to update, by the way, so we can identify all your wonderful quilts!) and your Friday finishes and didn't find it anywhere. What pattern/fabric is that one?


We have a pup (6 months) and we have found out that he loves to read.! I keep forgetting to take the magazines, newspaper, etc off the coffee table. Oops!
Love your quilts!


Sophie is a quilter, and was claiming the new fabric for herself! She is very cute, and I just love the pictures. My Golden Retriever Chloe likes to lay on any fabric that my be fair game to her- on the bed, or floor. She comes into the sewing room and paces until there is fabric on the floor for her to lay on. So, what I have done is leave two fat quarters on the floor and that seems to make her happy.

Jayne Honnold

Darling little pooch, and she knows how to get your attention, doesn't she?? I will not let my own kids mess with my fat quarter packs, so I know she was "in dangerous territory" with that little stunt!! Still cute as can be, though!

Judy D

Our little friends are so funny and they know what buttons to push. Looks like she pushed the right ones and got in some playtime. :-)


She is so darn cute...her face is so expressive...I can almost hear her saying...Mom please, just play with me, don't pay attention to that fabric. She needs a bit of quality time with her dad and brother. LOL!


You have a great pal in Sophie. She really loves you, what a wonderful bond.


I've been having the same issues with Cooper this week. If he doesn't get his walks in, there's no fun for anyone else. Naturally I think it's cute when it's someone else's pet. It's raining again today but he's at daycare...WOO HOO!

Where did you get the lovely fabric?? I searched online but came up empty handed, and how is it you are always in the know about the best stuff? Is there a secret you have a personal shopper, you're like that cool girl in high school who always had the best boyfriend, newest clothes and perfect complexion and I'm like the girl who isn't even cool enough for the band.....


Sofie is hilarious. I'm looking forward to seeing Raise the Roof in Vicksburg. That pattern is on my list of to-do's, but I haven't decided what fabric I want to use.


You have WAYYYY more patience than I do! I would have put her outside for the day. :0 No cats or dogs are gonna be touching my fabric. :D

This is cool quilting link you might enjoy. I too have four legged quilting helpers


That turned-over wastebasket with the clippings all strewn over reminds me of my pesky male dachshund! Both of my dachshunds(I have a female too) are like my Secret Service agents... follow me everywhere, no privacy (if you know what I mean).

I want to tell you again how much I enjoy your blog. It is like talking with a dear friend everyday!! Thanks for all your creativity!! Enjoy that bundle of Vicksburg!!

Allyson in Alaska

The title of this post makes men giggle! And that Vicksburg fabric is delicious.

Diane Cannon

Me thinks Sophie needs a playmate---Ozzie has one during the week--maybe Sophie would like one---but then you might end up with even more work!!!??????
Have fun stitching
hugs, Di

Nanna mary

AWH mum she just wants to have some fun.she loves you so much she wants to be with you where ever you go.
Hugs Mary.


Oh My, Nicole, I swear our "Sophies" must be related! My Sophie eats scraps, completed tops, or the whole quilt, doesn't matter to her! Good thing I'm crazy in love with her! Here's to our Sophies!!!


You better never take Sophie to a quilt show! She could get in way too much trouble!!!!

Magnolia Bay Quilts

How can you resist that little face?

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