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October 30, 2009



I absolutely 100% totally no holds barred love this quilt and I just might make it because if you look at the pattern you'll see where it says: *karendianne. on it. I know its hard to find but you out of anyone would agree!


Yay! I'm in your swap group, Nicole, and I'm so excited to get those beautiful lights! I love the birdseye queilt, and if it were me, I'd bind it without a border; it's so pretty just like that.

Jayne Honnold

This is a gorgeous quilt, and I am inspired to get busy on one for myself! Well done! Carrie Nelson patterns are fabulous. Have you tried 'Tag Sale?' I made it a couple of years ago - magnifique!


Just watch out for that old Grinch. He tends to steal pieces of Cindy Lou Who's blocks. Ask me how I know??

Magnolia Bay Quilts

Your Birdseye quilt is fabulous! I think it would look wonderful without the border. I love the way the triangles surround the quilt top.

Cathy McMann

Your Birdseye looks fantastic! I bought the pattern a few weeks ago, intending to make it with some Fig Tree fabrics I was holding "in reserve" but have decided they are too light. I need to work in a darker color where you used brown. I'll have to go looking for something suitable because after seeing your version, I want to make it even more than before.

Sherry V.

Your Birdseye quilt is absolutely wonderful! I'm always amazed at how simple blocks can be used to make such intricate looking quilt designs.

Keep the eye candy coming. . . makes me feel better about not getting anything done! he he

Rose Marie

Another gorgeous top and so perfect for the fall season! I'm in your swap and have been pulling reds to make my quilt.


I picked up this pattern on my fall shop hop! I love it! Because I am such a border girl, I think you should put the border on it. But, it does look great without it.

I have to get my oil changed today, so I think a trip to the quilt store in search of my reds for the snowball challenge is in order! :~)

Melissa C

Love your Birdseye top. I got the pattern recently and I think it just moved up the list.

Thank you for showing the fabrics for the swap. I am in your group and can't wait to see what all we end up with. I am going to a quilt show this weekend and hope to find my lights to trade and some reds.

Karen Beigh

Your Birdseye quilt is a good one. Good colors and good design. I have to study this one a bit.


The Birdseye looks great! It's funny - I'm sure that you can pick out the squares that are the same that are next to each other, but I couldn't find them! We are such critics of our own work.


Beautiful, Nicole. I picked up the pattern last Saturday and then set it down to look at some fabric. Sigh! Need to get my hands on this one. :-)


Beautiful, I love your color choices and don't worry about the 9 patches that match, only you notice it! Don't be hard on yourself, this is a fantastic quilt top! Job well done.

Lisa D.

It turned out beautifully, Nicole. It doesn't even need borders. Just stunning.


I love the Birdseye quilt! It's just stunning, and you are doesn't even need borders. Oh, and I just looked up at the comment ahead of mine and noticed we used some of the same descriptions! I've got to get this pattern!


It looks great and that borders aren't really needed on it. I just love it.

Laura B.

Wow! That is stunning! great work!


Dang! It's gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! How do you get so much done so quickly? Can I be a fly on the wall in your sewing room?


Stunning! the Birdseye is amazing!


Your Birdseye quilt is fabulous! I'm impressed with how you stuck with such a massive piecing project and got it done in no time. I have half my blocks done, but still need to make more 9 patches. Bravo!


Your Birdeye quilt is fabulous! I'm so impressed with how well you stuck with all that piecing and got it done in no time! Bravo!

Mrs Moen

Congratulations on your finished top, it looks great!

Allyson in Alaska

Oh wow, Nicole. You always take my breath away with your gorgeous quilts! And I always want to make evry single one of them. This is why I have a UFO list as long as the Empire State Building is high. Your Birdseye is absolutely stunning. I vote for adding the border. A quilt can never be too big.


Wow- Just Wow! It's so pretty and rich looking.

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