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October 30, 2009


Mary Flynn

It has been fun to watch this quilt in progress and your workmanship fantastic! Great eye for color!!!

Rae Ann

Simply stunning quilt! I love the colors.
HaPpY HalLoWEen!!!


Job well done Nicole! I love Miss Rosie's patterns. I can't wait to see all the snowball quilts...I meant to jump on board but procrastinated too long. Nancy in WI


WOWSER!WOWSER!WOWSER! It is incredible Nicole! I love it without the border. You did an amazing job!


Gorgeous quilt! Congratulations the finish.


Your Birdseye quilt is stunning! As a quilter that has always (or almost always) steered clear of as many triangles as I could, you have inspired me to take them on. I have inundated myself with Miss Rosie's Quilt patterns and will start slowly with the Schnibbles. Any helpful hints?


Lovely, simply lovely....I've seen that fabric in shops but it just did not appeal to me, you've found the perfect pattern for it.

You've quickly made up for your lost sewing time this summer.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Goodness gracious! That's a beautiful quilt, Nicole. I too am ready to move on to the red/white challenge quilt. But my book hasn't arrived yet, and anyway, I have a couple more projects I'd like to clear away first--if my strength holds out.


Nicole, I meant to post a comment for this quilt and it got posted under the wrong photo. Did you start this quilt top in mid-October and finish it already?? I am amazed and inspired! Beautiful quilt and I love the fall colors.


Your Birdseye quilt is beautiful!


Gorgeous as always... Love it!


OMGosh YOU have the patience of a dozen saints! Great quilt..I just bought the pattern, read it, and wow, that IS alot of 9 patches! Whew!
I'm doing the snoball swap/quilt too. Could you list me one your sidebar? Thanks....Gael Tino

Pesky Patti

Wonderful quilt. Perfectly balanced.


beautiful quilt!! it looks big... but i think it'll benefit from a nice border anyway!


I can't stand it anymore -- I have to join the R&W Snowball challenge -- if it's not too late.


I do not recall how I came across your blog - but boy oh boy am I ever so glad I did!!!!! Your "Bird's Eye" quilt is what I've been looking for!!!

See for the whole year of 2008 I hosted a quarterly swap for mini 9 patch blocks - see my post here

and until now I just didn't know what to do with them - sure I've seen lots of quilts using them... but nothing compared to yours!!! I la,la,LOVE it! I have a few other irons in the fire between now and February 2010 but rest assured, when all those are taken care of - I'm gonna get my minis out and play!!! Until then I just need to be shopping and looking for fabrics like your black and burnt orange.. and pull some fabrics out to use as the star points.

Thanks so much for sharing this!!!! I'm printing out a photo to hang up in my sewing room ;)

Love from Texas! ~bonnie

The Calico Quilter

I love love love the Birdseye quilt! It is by far my favorite of all the quilts you have posted. The colors are fabulous. Then, I scrolled through your quilt album and oohed and aahed over each photo. I wanted to tell you I am absolutely gobsmacked by both your beautiful design sense and your productivity. There is one winner after the next in your album. You are very talented!

The Calico Quilter

I love love love this quilt! It is by far my favorite of all the quilts you have posted. But, having said that, I must tell you I am absolutely gobsmacked when I page through your quilt album. They are ALL lovely. You have a great design sense and technical ability.

The Calico Quilter

Oh, rats, please forgive me. I thought the blog ate my first comment and tried to repeat it, so now there are two almost identical comments! Please delete one or the other so I don't look like an idiot! Thanks!


Wow! Your quilt is amazing!! :0)

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