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November 21, 2009


Paulette Doyle

I couldn't agree more...and our pets can be our ray of sunshine as well! They always manage to put a smile on my face no matter what the mischief! They also manage to get me up and about more than I would if I didn't have park, anyone?
Take care! Your Ozzie looks delightful!


You are so right! It is the "knack" of finding that ray of sunshine that we all need to develop...

Susan Ramey Cleveland

I love how dogs can lie for hours (at least Sophie can) and be content till something's doing that she wants to take part in--or she thinks of something she wants me to take part in, like go outside or feed her.


Oh, how much joy they bring to our lives! We were at the pet store this morning and I thought of you because there was a dog in the play area that looked like Ozzie and Sophie. He was taking the balls and running, where all the others were chasing the balls! Must be in the breed!


Yes, if we could all keep looking for the patch of sunshine even when things are looking dim...and wow...9 hours in your sewing room...yay for you!


What a wonderful post, and wonderful thoughts. I used to have a little dog that we had gotten from an abusive home. She could be outside and every morning when I made the bed, if I hollered "Sunshine on the Bed" she would come on a dead run, through the doggie door, up the stairs and sit up in front of the bed asking to be lifted up to lay in the sunshine. Then she would move with the sun until there wasn't even the tiniest ray of it left, then politely "woof" to be lifted down. (She could never jump up or down on her own as her previous owners had broken her back when she was very young, intentionally. I'm sad to say the abuser was a family member, but that enabled my hubby to go get her one day and tell them he was taking her home) We were fortunate enough to have that little ray of sunshine with us for 12 years. Always happy, always giving unconditional love and like your Ozzie, always found a ray of sunshine, somewhere, every single day. Yup, we could all take a lesson. Thank you Nicole for stirring up a fond memory AND for your beautiful thoughts on just living life.


Hi, I have been lurking your blog for a long time and thought it time to say Hi! I love reading your blog and my 12 y.o. son loves to see what antics Ozzie and Sophie get up to (as do I). Thanks for making us smile (gorgeous quilts too by the way!) Cathy in Australia xo


What a great post! Happy, Happy to see sweet Ozzie!

erin d.

I'm a firm believe in The Zen of Critters, and try to bear the lessons my current and past animal friends have taught me. They make it look so easy! Whatever they are doing, they are Doing That Thing, fully and completely. Alas, me? Not so much.

Marilyn Pond

Ozzie is such a great name for a dog. My Trudy and Gracie also love to catch those rays of sunshine.


Oh, Nicole, I agree. It is hard having your husband away. Though I have the 5 kids to keep me company, I miss my husband during the week. And thank you Ozzie, for your wonderful lesson to we humans~find the sunshine, man~just find the sunshine!


I,too, live with my 3 dogs during the week, my husband is working in our "new" home town. He has been there since February. We are living apart until we can sell our house, then we can live together full-time again.
Some nights are lonely, and I have lapsed off on the dinner thing. I have dinner with a friend about every other week, otherwise I am on my own Mon-thu. So I fix a bowl of soup and then I sew. Oh and I walk the hounds in there too! I watch what I like on TV (when home my husband has the remote welded to his hand) but the TV is on only if there is something I want to see. I enjoy the quiet. My son calls home every other night to check on me. I know this is just how it is for the time being and I am trying to focus on the positive.

Jill M in Ohio

I meant to post a comment on your post about being alone. I am single and have never been married. I thrive on the alone time! I don't know if it's because I am a loner or what, but if I don't have enough time to myself every week, I go crazy and am not a great person to be around! lol

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