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November 30, 2009


Nan S.

What a wonderfully productive weekend you had!! They're all beautiful, and I love your new banner as well. What pattern is it? You're always an inspiration.


beautiful quilts

love and hugs Gina xxx


Everything about this post is wonderful but this made me light up with joy for you, this feeling:

---Besides, I was having myself a good time once I got into the applique thing. Now, I can't stop! I am going to be putting appliques on everything.----

It feels good to read about the real good feelings that quilting brings out. These posts are special moments, good for the soul and (for me at least) they put a spring in my step.

badlands quilts

I really love your birdseye quilt, it is just stunning.

Karen Beigh

What wonderful finishes to your quilt tops. It would be hard to pick a favorite of these. The blue & white would look good in my bedroom but the Birdseye is in the color range I love. I never purchased any of the Prairie Paisley fabrics but loved them right from the start.

Laurie in Iowa

Woo hoo... you had a very productive weekend. YGG! All the quilt tops are wonderful, but the Birdseye quilt is my favorite.


Wow! You are a machine!!! I love the quilts, especially the red, white and blue.


Wow Nicole, you did an amazing job on those quilts-- they are just beautiful! I think you're right about applique on all 4 corners of the last one. Thanks for the Monday morning inspiration!


Wow, those quilts just look great. I especially love Birdseye. Congrats on so many finishes!

Sherry V.

I love your quilt tops. . . .now I can't wait to see how they come back from the quilter.

I'm glad that someone finishes things. . .gives me hope! he he he


Congratulations on your completed tops! Way to go! I especially love Birdseye and Flowers for Clara. The colors are superb! Can't wait to see them all quilted, too! :o)


One more beautiful than the other. I especially love the Prairie Paisley.


Wow, you are awesome! I am proud of you for finishing all of the borders on these tops, that is so cool :) You did a beautiful job on all of them.

I always "stop" when I finish the top. Pinning them and quilting them is what takes me forever to get to, it's a lot of work, but so worth it in the end.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Wow, woman! You've been busy. The quilts are lovely. Thanks for sharing. Me, I get bogged down when it's time to quilt. Even though I don't even quilt most of them, it seems I just have a hard time getting them to the quilter. I sort of lose interest unless I'm making them for a certain purpose and they have to get done.

Mary Flynn

Your post photos make me all the more excited about quilting. Gorgeous...simply put each one is gorgeous!!


My goodness, you do get a lot done! I had a house full of company all weekend, no quilting for me. It was wonderful to relax and spend lots of time with loved ones though. Back to stitchin' today! :~)


sounds like you had the perfect weekend with Bernie :) Love all of your finishes - especially BIRDSEYE - which I had printed out but will have to reprint with the updated photo! I am so going to search for some fall fabrics to use for setting and borders and get busy with my mini 9 patches making a quilt like yours next summer so it will be ready by fall! ;)

and that last one is interesting too - love the secondary design that the blocks make - what's their finished size? 8" blocks?

Love from Texas! ~bonnie


Wow! What a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend you had...all those great finishes! Borders are my stumbling block as well! I've loved machine applique' ever since taking a class from Terri Christopherson (Barbara Brandeburg's sister)...I can't believe I didn't do machine applique for years!


Good going! I especially love the blue! It is looking good, that setting really works.
They're all wonderful! Congrats on getting Clara done, that one looked like it would take some effort. The applique is great, I've really gotten into it too.

Elaine Aair

Beeeutifullll borders - especially the applique! I LOVE doing borders - a good one will bring the quilt up another few notches!

You have a BUNCH of beauties!


Great job! They are all wonderful, but I think I like Flowers for Clara the best.

Rose Marie

I usually stall about 3/4's of the way into a project and then when the top is done, stall again on the borders. It's silly, really because once the borders are on I usually ask myself 'why'? The borders are so simple to do and I don't know why I stall, but I just do.

Lovely finishes and pretty soon you will have them all quilted up to enjoy. I would put the extra applique on Flowers for Clara and since you are a pro now at doing the applique, the extra work will be so worth it.

Miss Jean

Mine is borders, also. I have a number that just need them put on. Why do I put it off? I don't know.

Question: When you cut your borders did you cut them slightly larger to account for the applique process? Did you applique and then sew the borders on? Inquiring minds want to know!!!


Oh wow you really have been a busy bee. They all look beautifull. Love your applique borders too.

Joy P

Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Beautiful quilts! My stall is cutting, especially if the quilt has lots of little pieces. I usually cut out 2-3 quilts at time.

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