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November 09, 2009


badlands quilts



Perfect timing with this post Nicole!! My husband just walked out the door, he's traveling this week, and I was getting ready to head up to my sewing room to start on my snowball quilt. Then I thought, I wonder if Nicole's post is up yet?

I'm going to give this a try! I've got the Easy Angler, the strips and nothing but time!!

Thanks for the suggestion!!


Easy Angle is one of my favorite tools...and the Angler II sure helps too...keeps everything nice and straight.


I haven't seen that ruler - it looks great! I wonder if they have it at my LQS. I've been using Thangles for my HSTs, but I'm always looking for new tricks!

Mary Flynn

This is exactly how I do it. That little ruler is fantastic; no waste!

Jayne Honnold

I think I will try this method! It looks so simple. Thank you for sharing the technique.

Carol Lewis

Thanks so much Nicole, I will use this method. I already have the easy angle ruler.

Nan S.

Thanks so much, Nicole. I have the ruler and the Angler 2, which is already on my machine, so I'm good to go. Thanks for sharing!!


Oh I am all over this method! Thanks for posting. I think I have that ruler somewhere too...hmmm...


I have one of those! I'll have to give it a try.


Oh! I have that ruler too! I think it's the larger one. I've never used it. Thanks for the tip. This will come in handy with my pinwheel quilt top!


yup . . . just the way I do all my half square triangles . . . except I use the Kaye England rulers . . . they work the same way . . . I have all her rulers and never use my other rulers now . . . and they all use strips . . . love them love them love them. . . flying geese are a snap with them too . . . and quarter squares too . . .

Chris@Cats on my Quilts

I love you! You are a flipping genius! I have been thinking and thinking on this and not wanting to do the HST's the usual way I do so I am doing it this way for sure. I have the angler but not that ruler so I'm thinking I need to get me one pronto.


I'm not one to buy different rulers, but your post was excellent. It makes total sense to have this ruler for a project like this. Thank you!


I'm using the EZ angle too as I'm doing my snowball blocs out of a jelly roll, BUT somehow, my HST always seem to end up a little bit smaller than 2and1/2. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I'll practice more, paying attention and see if it gets better! unless you have an idea?!!

Nancy E

I love using my Easy Angle ruler. It is what I use all the time to make my HST.

Great tutorial for those who don't know how to use the ruler.

Melissa C

Thank you for posting this. I was thinking about the waste factor also but hadn't come up with a way around it. I have that ruler and will pull it out. Of course, I still need to wash my red fabric.


Why aren't you writing patterns?????
Carol, NE

Allyson in Alaska

Way to go, Nicole! Great post. I just cut my 5" strips into two 2.5" strips, and used my scraps for the 3" squares. I got all 240 of my 3" squares cut out of my cream scrap drawer. I love seeing my scrap drawers dwindle down. I have some of that same red with the little stars in my quilt too! How funny.


This is definitely my MOST favorite method for making half square triangles. May I just add one more little trick that REALLY helps, a little bit of Mary Ellen's Best Press on the strips before you cut your triangles helps keep those bias edges from stretching while you sew them.

Guess I'd better get pile of reds is awaiting the rotary cutter.


Bob IS your uncle!! Whoo-whoo...I had 20 HST's to make this afternoon and they.are.done! Thanks! Who'da' thunk it?

Laura B.

Thanks for the great if i could only get started....


I think I am going to stay one step behind you, Nicole and take advantage of all of your great tips!! Thanks for the great ideas!

Pam Oliver

Thanks for the reminder. The Eazy Angle is in my inventory of rulers. As I recall, it is not a pricey one.
Hugs for a great tutorial and reminder!


Wow! Your tutorial just showed me that I was using my Easy Angle the wrong way. No wonder my 1/2 triangles are sometimes slightly off. A thousand thank yous, Nicole!

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