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November 09, 2009


Debra in Ohio

OK, I was thinking about these strips of fabric at work today, and in my mind I thought it would work if I could cut them into 2 1/2 inch strips. Then I got back to WORK. So, when I get home and you have it all worked out, I want to hug you! Thanks

Christine Thomas

Awesome. Yeah, you need to write patterns. And I think Audrey has it right...stay one step behind Nicole. She'll work out all the bugs and the rest of us will sail on through. Thank you!!!

Jen Persicke

Wow, great tips that couldn't come at a more perfect time. I spent the day with a friend (also a part of the snowball quilt challenge). This is helpful, and we will have to try this!

Jen Persicke

Thank you for sharing these great tips. They are perfectly timed as I just spent the day (with another snowball quilt challenge participant) cutting fabric for the quilt. We will have to try this technique.
Also, I do not see my name listed underneath your snowball quilt challenge. I would love to have it included. Thanks!!
Jen P.


Thank you for such a clear explanation and great photoss. :)


OMG, thank you Nicole! What a time saver! I'm sneaking in a little sewing early this Thanksgiving morn before the feasting begins. This is a great method! I couldn't find an EZ Angle tool at my quilt store but I did find something similar in the Fons & Porter Half & Quarter ruler and it works beautifully. Now I'm excited!

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