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November 17, 2009



I must be a very 'odd' woman. Even when I was a Mid level manager and was required to attend more meetings than I care to remember, including briefing the Base Commander,a Two star General, I had 4 pairs of shoes. On black pair of heels, one brown pair of heels and two pairs of white Nike tennie runners, one nice, one for working on the lines and in the warehouse when I was short handed and liked to help out. The two pairs of heels worked with all of my expensive suits and dress clothes AND I only had one handbag too. Black leather that served all purposes. I had a lot of clothes but just didn't worry about matching shoes to outfits. So as I say, I think I'm the odd man out because most of my friends, even retired oned, still love to have shoes and handbags for every outfit they wear. Even now, I have my tennie runners, my motorcycle boots (which I can't wear since an ankle injury) Guess I'll have to get some bigger boots cause the doctor told me that my ankle will never be small again **sigh**. I really don't like shopping anymore, unless it's for fabric or books, or flannel PJ's to sew in (and I do buy warm fuzzy socks to match my PJ's) LOL. OH! wait, I do have one pair of red shoes...a tiny set of 'Ruby Slippers' that my daughters got me as a gift because they know I love all things "Wizard of OZ". I have to tell you though Nicole, that the red plaid shoes from Macy's are wonderful and would temp even me.


OMG, those shoes from Spain are so great. Sadly, due to back problems, I can't wear high heels any more. Those darling flats would make it all better....
Love red shoes and haven't had a pair in a while. I must remedy that soon. Just looking at yours makes me smile.

Sandy (Strlady)

I think I'm missing a gene.. the shoe gene. I'm of the notion if it fits, buy it in several colors. My daughter and sister can spend HOURS in the Nordstrom's shoe dept. If they have a little extra left in the bank account, it will go to shoes. Never thought much about red shoes until my daughter bought some Steve Madden flats in shiny red and started wearing them with EVERYTHING. They are just adorable on her, but I wouldn't be caught dead with anything other than brown or black. I'm telling you...I'm missing the shoe gene.


Your shoes are fabulous! I love red shoes and I can never have enough! The other day I was going through my shoes deciding what to take on vacation, when I realized I have more red shoes that black and brown combined! I feel more condfident in a pair of red shoes than black or brown.


I hope this will be the last post on shoes. Two years back, I was following a friend's blog and I bought so many pairs of shoes that could have been used for fabric shopping. anyway, I have that red pair and looking at yours I will replace my old shoes (which will take another year) with red shoes.

Christine Thomas

I love red shoes, too. I had one of the first pair ever of red shoes that I saw almost 10 years ago...Simples Mary Janes. They would draw comments from strangers when I went to the Mall. And com-fort-able...oh yeah...I could be in them all day long. So natch, I got them in blue, too. Since I'm not working any more, I can't afford shoes but I don't need them either. Right now, my winter favs are my black Uggs and brown Uggs. And I want another pair for Christmas..."dressy" Uggs.


I have so many shoes my husband refers to me as Imelda Marcos...remember her??!! My first red shoes were square-toed patent leather flats from Baker's Shoe Store...ahhhhh they were THE BEST!!! (yep--it was the early '60's)!! When you have another giveaway...I'll sign up for the shoes from Spain! yummmmmm

Rae Ann

My mom said that a woman can never have too many shoes. She had a fetish for shoes worse than myself. I think that red shoes by far make a statement that is hard to beat. Every girl needs several pair! My cutest and most favorite shoes just happen to be my red ones. I love your shoes from Spain!

Anne Bebbington

I looooooove shoes - especially red ones, but as I have short fat feet with low arches I find it almost impossible to find anything to fit so when I do I buy it regardless of how it looks so long as it fits and it's reasonably comfortable - if I ever won the National Lottery my big extravagance would be hand made, made to measure shoes - pairs and pairs and pairs of 'em!


Beautiful shoes Nicole, but be sure to but them back in the closet before Ozzie finds them...I'm just sayin...


When my 16 yo was little, her dad let her pick out a pair of shoes. They were red Mary Janes - she literally wore them out, she loved them so much. She is still drawn to red shoes.


I love those shoes! Especially the plaid ones. I think my favorite colour for shoes would be like everything else, blue! Dark blue, light blue doesn't matter.
My mom always had us in very practical shoes, she couldn't believe it when I started wearing blue running shoes in high school, and then the love affair with heels started, only to end with Little Bit's pregnancy as I couldn't wear them at all after that. :(

Susan Ramey Cleveland

I like your silly shoes best. And someday you're going to have to tell the story of joining Sara on her honeymoon. You have to have the most understand son in law ever.


Ooooooooh - I'm so jealous. I can never find shoes to fit, so when I finally track down a pair that I can struggle into, I end up buying it in all possible colours 'just in case' - which would be why I currently have a bright blue pair, which go with NOTHING in my wardrobe at all!!!!

Allyson in Alaska

Oh Nicole, you could be my long lost twin. I am a red shoe fanatic! Well, really any color shoes, but I have a soft spot for red. It broke my heart to send back those adorable ballet flats from Talbots cause they were just so darn cute. I have about a dozen red shoes and wear them as often as I can. They really do make me feel like a million bucks. Now let's talk about Coach handbags....


When i was five or six years old and my mother took me to get shoes I always wanted red ones. But I was a very quiet and shy child (have since grown out of that) I never told her my wishes. Well, now that I am (I think, at least sometimes) an adult I buy all the pretty shoes I want. I have a pair of pink ones that i adore!
One Sunday morning at church when I took out my red heels (in winter here in Sweden we bring shoes to wear inside) I noticed that I had taken two different red shoes with me! The left heel was quite a bit higher than the right one! Oh well, at least I had pretty shoes on!


What a cute story about your shoes. I love the new plaid shoes. Red is one of my favorite colors and that plaid has always been my favorite plaid, so those shoes are pretty fantastic, I must say. You have a wonderful assortment for any occasion.

Nanna mary

I love the Scottish ones I wonder why that is.He He He.
Hugs Mary.


My shoe style is very different but similar. I wear Birks and Crocs: I have 20 pair of Birks and 33 pair of Crocs. This started about 20 years ago when I decided to only be comfortable. I like to wear a different pair every day and I always match my shoes to what I wear, even when it is jeans and a t-shirt. Even in retirement, I like my own style.


I have no red shoes. There...I said it...but after reading this post...I must get some! I can't stop thinking about red shoes now...this was so much fun to read...and now I have another item for the list!

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