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November 04, 2009



This one is coming along great!!!

Bummed to read of your experience with the triangle papers. You'll die when I tell you that they're all I'll use. I like the fact that I can get so scrappy with 'em. I do agree the papers aren't as kind as other brands to remove! but I guess since I've decided these are for me, I've worked out a system. I won't bog you down with it but being darned and determined I found my way.

I do think this is worthwhile to share: Bonnie's patterns call for a fabric cut that is too small to comfortably work with when using these papers!!! All the patterns seem to be that way so since I'm using my own fabric and noticed this "trend" -- I made my cuts a bit bigger and barely pin.


I love the secondary design, very nice.
I've yet to try the papers, I just don't think they'd do it for me. But then I trim anyways, so really it's just one extra step, well two cause I rarely pin anything smaller then 4 inches across.
It looks really good.


i love those papers! but i go about it a bit differently... my ocd nature and all... i do all the triangles, all the cutting, then all the pressing, then all the ripping. i like to save the ripping for a car trip or a really long movie i want to watch on tv and sit and rip over a plastic bag.

as i said, my ocd nature comes out...

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Looking forward to seeing that border. I've done one appliqued border in my life.

Jayne Honnold

I just love how this looks! You will be glad you used the triangle papers, don't you think? I've never used them, but a friend has, and she was very glad for the accuracy. You are going to have a beauty when it's all done!! Great job!

Erin D.

This looks fantastic - I can really appreciate how much work you put into it! I can say with reasonable certainty I will never undertake that complex a project! Great job!


I love this quilt! Of course, I love any and every thing with Civil War repos! Can't wait to see the applique border! Is it on this quilt? I love applique too!


Love your blocks! I have the same relationship with that darn paper!
Nancy in WI


You are my quilting hero. This is a stunning quilt. Half-square triangles can be a pain, but they sure make a quilt interesting.


What a wonderful quilt! I love Bonnie Blue Quilts, they have the best patterns. I have used the the papers you are talking about. Yes, it can be a struggle to get the paper off, but I love the accuracy. Did you shorten you stitch length? This helps a lot. Also, before you tear the paper, fold the paper back a few times to help loosen it...does that make sense?


Nicole it is spectacular...I love the accuracy that the paper gives...but I hate to tear it off. I'll be looking forward to the border.


Love the paper for 1/2 sq's when there are so many to make. If you fold the paper back, then lay a small ruler on the tear line it makes it easy, then the skinny side just pulls off. It's TV work for me.


I have used paper for years - I just sit and tear paper while I watch TV. Beautiful blocks, Nicole!

Allyson in Alaska

Oh Nicole, this is beautiful. I just love it. After this, the 480 HST's for the snowball quilt will be a breeze! :)

Sarah N

Check out this website for a cool stencil to help you make half-square triangles with no paper to tear off! Available in several sizes!


Beautiful blocks. I love Bonnie Blue! I think this one is worth working on.


Every time you blog about this project I like it more, which seems impossible, because I've been enchanted with it from the beginning. I don't think you've showed a picture of the pattern, I'm eager to see how the applique border looks, the top is lovely as is.

Deitra Mixer

Ok...I am in LOVE with this quilt! Is it possible to have a quilt crush? :) I love love love the fabrics, and the pattern is just SO cool.

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