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November 03, 2009


Nancy, Near Philadelphia

Been there. Hung head. Mortified. You're not alone.


At least it isn't a pieced border! And I love the backing fabric!


My heart sings with joy knowing your SON is being so kind - so that's my very first thought. You've raised up a good man.

Borders-shmorders! Ratcha-fratcha! Best thing... you can knock this out, take it out, work it out and be done with this border. It's part of the story of the special quilt. Just my thought.

Carol Lewis

Nicole, the Chelsea Manor fabric is perfect for the backing. I've had ripply borders, is it because the border is too wide for the length? Wow, I never knew that. I always try to be gentle with my pressing so as not to stretch the borders. This is good to know, I learned something from your blog today.


I have fixed a few customer quilts for this very reason (with their permission of course)they were often surprised at how much "extra" fabric they'd used in their borders (as much as 6".


It's happened to all of us - more than once to be honest! I love the quilt top but I especially love your son's desire to have it. That had to have made your day. Where's the pattern from?


Gorgeous quilt top...fabulous backing fabric...wonderfully thoughtful son...what's a border fix in the big picture? As you said in a previous blog entry, "easy peasy, Bob's your uncle!" you'll have this one ready for quilting in short order! Don't be so hard on yourself Happens to everyone and your reputation is intact because you put it out here to remind the rest of us to check and measure before adding borders!


Sadly (as I hang my head sheepishly) I have occasionally (ok more like 5 or 6 times) sewn the longer border strip to the shorter border side. My quilter apparently used to fix them (she wouldn't tell me until after the quilt was done) but now that I am my own "quilter", it is a real pain to correct this mistake. Mostly due to embarrassment that I did it again.


That is so sweet of your son.
We've all done it, and will probably at some point to it again. Like you said haste makes waste, and when we're more focused on the finish then the process, it's easy to make uh-ohs.


We've all done it...I love your is PERFECT!

Lisa D.

As your previous comments have said, I'm sure it's a mistake all of us have made at one time or another. It's still a beautiful quilt and won't take much to fix it. Your son is so sweet to want to gift it to his friend. I love the back you chose for it, too.


I've been looking at large wall clock with the wrong time since Sunday morning. It requires the tall ladder anytime the battery or time needs to be changed. This morning, instead of getting the ladder, I tried to change the time using a broom handle..whoops, knocked the hands off the mechanism...which turned what should have been a 5 minute job with the ladder into an hour long brouhaha. All's well now but when will I learn, "haste does make waste!"

I agree with the others, be happy Ahren thinks enough of you and the quilt to have it finished and present as a gift for someone special.

Vicki W

Don't beat yourself up. That happened while it was in storage, not when you pieced it! I'm certain. It's a well-documented phenomenon.

Laura Tawney

Love the quilt and I enjoy your blog! I believe we have all made the same mistake not knowing how important it is to measure, measure and measure before adding the borders. I truly did not understand how important it was until I bought my own long arm. I know one of the quilts I took a long quilter had wavy borders but she must have worked some magic. You are so lucky it was spotted before quilting! Easy enough to fix. So I really stress this with my daughter-in-law and the group she is teaching to quilt. Love the backing for the quilt and what a sweet thing your son is doing.
Laura T


Oh gosh I've done this and the quilter fixed it. It wasn't a great fix. I'll never make that mistake again. Your quilt is beautiful! Love that toile.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Well, it's a beautiful quilt. At least I didn't drive 140 miles all total to find my black embroidery floss. Bless you heart.


It will be beautiful in the end!


What a beautiful quilt. It's just gorgeous, and whoever your son presents it to, they will be thrilled.
Maybe you could post a tutorial on the proper way to measure a quilt for borders, as it sounds like it would be helpful to some of your readers? I used to measure down and across the outside edge before I learned correctly, and the borders would be wonky.


I'm more interested in the someone special in his life! :~) Could there be some exciting news in the near future!

I think we have all had to deal with the ripply border thing. :~)

Chris@Cats on my Quilts

I hate doing borders. They take as much time to measure and pin and pin again than it takes to make the whole rest of the quilt it seems. You'll be glad you fixed it in the end though, I am sure.


Nicole, its still beautiful and will be extra beautiful when you redo the borders. I think my little Gettysburg Sun wallhanging has some of the same problem. I need to do things differently. Just think how special this quilt will be when it is given away...a true labor of love! Nancy in WI

What a beautiful quilt. One time I didn't take the time to measure my last border and when it came back from the quilter it was an ugly site. I was pretty disappointed with myself for not taking the time. I still have the quilt but it doesn't have any binding on it. I definitely learned my lesson.

Sandy (Strlady)

Honestly, you probably don't even remember what was going on when you put those borders on. Maybe an off day, maybe you were rushed... so many maybes. The thing is that you caught it before it was too late. It will be a beautiful piece and I'm sure that your son will be proud to share your work with that special someone.


At least your quilter mentioned this to you instead of quilting in tucks and ripples. I"ve seen that happen. It will be worth it when you have it finished, it's lovely!

Sinta Renee

We all get our lessons to humble us! But after all that will be an easy fix... look at all those points you did! I think you did a fantastic job. I also think the backing will be perfect! What a sweet son you have also:)

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