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November 05, 2009



Sounds like a lovely way to spend an afternoon to me. I drool over that Vicksburg fabric each time you post a's just lovely, so warm and rich.


I love your fabrics. Your Sophie is cute too! I love the quilt she is standing on.


I swear my Howie can tell time too...he's never off by more than a minute...dinner time, he starts staring at Andy at 5:29...dinner's at 5:30 for them. It truly is amazing. Switching the clocks didn't phase my guys a bit. Sophie is such a cutie!
You can tell from that look in her eye that she's always ready for whatever is going to happen. LOL!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Dogs named Sophie are very smart.


No, no! Keep the lighter tans! You're going to need some "sparkle" in the quilt. Otherwise, it will be too dark looking. Just MHO. :o)


Great fabrics for Raise the Roof. Are you sure you want to trade out the lighter lights? I think they will add to the pattern. Sometimes darker lights and lighter darks make a quilt shine. Hmmm will wait and see what you do with this, I think the grouping will stitch up beautifully in this pattern.


I agree I am sure our dog Cody can all so read the time every day he gets up at the same time and epects us up to and like you it is before 6

Jessica J.

Oh, could you please ask your dog how I get my dogs to read clocks??
My dogs were getting into a habit of waking me up at 4am for breakfast... we'd been working on making that closer to 5 and then this whole time change has ruined any progress.
And they start begging for their 5pm dinner around 3:30. Ugh. I can't stand an hour and a half of begging. So I've been feeding around 4:30 and am trying to make it a little later each couple days... I'm sick of it though.
It's a good thing they're so cute.

Allyson in Alaska

Tigger tells time too. Animals are so talented these days. He knows when 5:00 is on the dot. His morning routine cracks me up. He knows they eat breakfast when Keith gets up, whatever time that ends up being. So, to move things along, they just come down and wake Keith up. Sooner he's up, sooner it's breakfast time. The awakening starts around 4:00am. Keith usually caves around six.

I sent that same Moda Scroll in my swap packages. Sorry guys, you're going to get it twice. But it's a good one. You can use it again and again.

Nicole, press on with the red and white borders. You'll be happy when it's finished. So will Ahren.


You will get the quilt done :)
Sophie is just like all of ours they know what time it is too eat!
Love your fabrics for Raise the Roof.

Jayne Honnold

Borders of Shame, I like that description...even though you are mortified by this boo-boo, you needn't be; everything is a learning experience, and learning from mistakes means that the lessons learned greater. If we never made mistakes, we'd be awfully limited. (Does that make sense? I'm sure someone famous has made this point, only with more eloquence!!) I love your little Sophie.

Nanna mary

Love your material and sophie is A little darling.
Hugs Mary.

Diane Cannon

Some days we just need to do the "putter" jobs so that when we are ready to put the project all together it will go faster!!! Love the fabrics--but I have to say Sophie takes the best "picture"---Love you Sophie!!! Hugs, Di

Nan S.

Nicole, I enjoyed browsing through your updated quilt album this morning. You have so many beautiful quilts. I wish I had started photographing mine from the beginning, but only started a couple of years ago.


I am puttering today and it is very relaxing. No real focus, just puttering...Forge on with the new borders- once it is done I am sure you'll be happy you finished it.


I just looked at your Quilt Album and you have some beautiful quilts and the color choices are so inspiring.


I think the colors you have picked out to go with Vicksburg will look great! Nancy in WI


My DD's cat KNOWS the very second her breathing changes as she first wakes and will go sit at the closed door and cry to be let in!

That auditioning looks wonderful. Very classic color combo that'll look terrific together!

Good luck on redoing your borders--I'm sure you can get those back on in no time and have it off to the quilter again--and off your to do list!


Our dog used to tell time now, but his main job function at 17 years of age is to sleep! I love your toile...lovely.

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