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November 02, 2009



Missed it too! :(


Those reds look delicious! Be sure to show us your Oct Schnibbles even though it missed the parade, I can't wait to see it in Blessings.


I'm like you, I'm not a prewasher, unless it is red! Your stack of reds are beautiful!!!


I can't wait to see the red/white/cream quilt come together. I always pre-wash. Hate those nasty surprises after doing so much work.


Very pretty reds, especially that bottom one. Yum, yum! Thanks for the color catcher idea. I have never tried that. Nancy in WI

Christine Thomas

I read that we should prewash...but your visual says A LOT. Thanks for that.


LOVE those reds! For me, red is the new blue!

Can't wait to see the SNowball quilt in progress!

Andee in aZ

Don't feel bad...mine was done and I my email didn't get through to them (my computer was overheating) and I missed it too!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Thanks for the tips, Nicole. I never ever prewash, but then I rarely ever use red. I can't imagine that Moda fabrics would bleed, but you've convinced me. I'm going to prewash mine and take them out of the dryer damp. That's one reason I don't prewash; I've always left them in the dryer to dry and then can never get the wrinkles out. Thanks again.


We still want to see your Schnibbles when you are finished! I love those color catchers..use them all the time.

Laura B.

Thanks for the prewashing tips, I never pre-wash anymore and I love it, but I guess I will need to prewash reds on this one. Thanks for the tip about the color catchers, I keep forgetting to pick them up, but I will today!

Kathy Wagner

Very good advice! I'll look for those color catchers next visit to the US

Melissa C

I think you had mentioned the color catchers before and I picked them up. Now I have them on hand for this quilt especially. Mailed my lights out today and can't wait to get started.


That is a gorgeous stack of reds...I swear by Color Catchers...don't was a quilt without them. I didn't finish my Cindy Lou Who either...that one was a tricky little bugger...LOL!

Carol Lewis

Nicole, I appreciate your tips for drying the fabric. I wouldn't have known to do that and would have had wrinkles that won't come out, thank you very very much. I have some color catchers but might have forgotten to put them in the wash with my red fabrics so thank you for that as well.

Blessings will be so beautiful for the Cindy Lou Who pattern. Now you need to start thinking of what fabrics you want to use for your Picnic Schnibbles quilt.


Nicole, I always pre-wash and use a color catcher. However, please answer a question for me...with the new jelly rolls and charm packs, etc. you can't prewash. Will you use your prewashed reds with unwashed creams? Does anyone use washed and prewashed together in the same quilt? BTW, love, LOVE your red fabrics.
Carol, NE

Magnolia Bay Quilts

Okay, you talked me into it! I used to be a fanatic about pre-washing, but lately I've gotten in a hurry and haven't pre-washed a thing.

I love your red fabrics. They should make a lovely snowball quilt!

Allyson in Alaska

Whoa Nellie, would you look at those color catcher sheets. If that doesn't inspire someone to prewash reds, I don't know what else will. You have a gorgeous selection of reds there. One word: YUM.


Great advise about the prewash. I always prewash my fabric as I don't want to regret it later. I do the same thing with my dryer. I always take out the fabrics and iron them while they are damp. They do come out so beautiful :-)


When you do finish Cindy Lou sure to give us a holler...we are going to have a drawing for everyone who finishes all 12...even if they weren't on time! Thanks for the pre-wash advice too...I have a quilt with so many reds that I'll never be able to wash because I didn't pre wash...I'm sure even 10 Color Catchers wouldn't protect it...there is just so much white in that quilt!

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