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November 10, 2009



Nicole your Flowers for Clara is absolutely breathtaking...I just love're right. It dances! Glad you bit the bullet and fixed the borders, that quilt is too pretty to put in a bag and hide it in the closet! Looks great!


Oh Wow!!! What a sight to behold. I love this Nicole and a HUGE congratulations to have this together, to this point. Oh I'm in LUV!


Flowers for Clara is so fabulous! Can't wait to see the borders.

You had quite a productive weekend!

Mary on Lake Pulaski

All I can say is WOW - Flowers for Clara!!!!


WOW, Clara looks lovely!

Magnolia Bay Quilts

Love all of your projects, but Flowers for Clara is amazing. It really does dance, doesn't it? It's such a beautiful quilt -- I can't even imagine how gorgeous it'll be with an applique' border!

Lisa D.

Whoa - you certainly accomplished a lot this weekend! Wow! I love your Flowers for Clara quilt!


Your Flowers for Clara quilt is right up my alley. I absolutely, positively love it even without the border! Good job on the borders, too, by the way. Nancy in WI


You have been so productive! Good for you for biting the bullet on the wavy border. It looks really good.


Both quilts are positively stunning! I thought about your red toile quilt this weekend as I was sewing borders on my Cindy Lou Who...and I just kept praying for them to not be wavy! Congrats on getting it finished, so that you can take it off to the quilter with that pretty Chelsea Manor backing!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

You did good. Can't wait to see those borders. That's going to be beautiful.


Where do you get that ruler?? I'd love to have one but my LQS doesn't carry them


beautiful as always... so jealous of your dedication to completing a project. I tried your one hour a day goal and am still trying to find that one hour. Lovely! You continue to inspire.

Chris@Cats on my Quilts

Really beautiful quilt Nicole. This is definite an heirloom. I am so busy right now that I don't know when I'll get started on the snowball quilt. But the lights that are arriving from my swap partners are wonderful. They just look so good together! BTW, I stopped by my LQS right near my house to get the Easy Angle ruler and it is closing! She decided over the weekend to close the shop and everything is 50% off! I am devastated as she does my quilting too but I did get my ruler for half price!


I can't wait to see your plans for the border. I'm loving pieced centers and appliqued borders. Do you have any Kim Diehl books, she does a lot of invisible machine applique.


Flowers for Clara is a stunner without the borders! I used my easy angler to make 120 hst yesterday! Thanks for the tip! I got my Picnic pattern and am mulling over what to do about the November Schnibbles.


I love your Bonnie Blue Flowers for Clara quilt...I've not done a Bonnie Blue pattern yet but want to! Those borders on your other quilt look absolutely perfect now too!

Allyson in Alaska

Flowers for Clara is awesome! I had to go to Bonnie BLue's site to see what the border was going to look like. What a wonderful quilt this will be. A real treasure. Looking good!


I also LOVE your Clara quilt! It's beautiful!!

Christine Thomas

That Flowers for Clara is quite beautiful. It came together so much nicer than when it was just laid out. Thanks for the hint for Barbara Brandenburg's machine applique tutorial.


Your quilts are stunning. You are an amazing quilter.

Laura Tawney

Great job on reattaching the border to the red and white quilt! I love the Flowers for Clara quilt also. I love all of your projects!
Laura T


Flowers for Clara is gorgeous, jigging and dancing for sure. Congratulations on getting it together so quickly! It is amazing how many different ways a triangle square can be used.

The borders are back on, yay! I haven't had too much trouble with wavy borders but that probably won't stay true forever :) Will look forward to seeing it quilted, bound, and into someone's heart soon.

Mary Flynn

Oh Bonnie Blue...I love you!
Oooo read about the computer woe too...hope all is resolved very soon!!!



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