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November 24, 2009



Oh, wow! That could have really ruined the look! Yeah for Dee!


I did not notice it! but I guess it would have been noticeable in the final product. What a lovely quilt!

Mary Flynn

I friends are wonderful and extra set of eyes is a bonus!
I'll be watching for your finish on this one and others. :-)

Laura B.

Wow that does make a huge difference...but I didn't notice the first time :)

Allyson in Alaska

Good job Dee! And yay for you Nicole, for getting this fixed before quilting the top. Another pretty quilt. Your quilt cupboard must look pretty amazing.

Laurey in Oz

Thanks Nicole :) I'm looking forward to making some new friends through blogging - so excited to meet you all and share my life with you!

Debra in Ohio

Hi Nicole. Thanks for stopping by MY blog and thanks for putting together this great snowball challenge. I really enjoy reading and visiting with all the gals in the snowball quilt friends, I'm sure! And we all need all the friends we can get. Happy Thanksgiving!


Nicole, I'm just stopping in to wish you and your family a wonderful and most blessed Thanksgiving. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful quilting, family and doggie stories with me. You've made me laugh...a lot, and who doesn't enjoy that? God Bless and keep.

Elaine Adair

I saw it right away - but don't see my own! LOL It's a beauty!

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