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November 12, 2009



You're good, what a clever post!! I've enjoyed every "What not to do" that you've blogged about, with this list, you have enough posts for the rest of the month! Really, I want more about the Reeses's! Life is never dull at your house!

Tricia L.

Great post! I enjoyed that with my morning coffee...only this is my work computer so I'm not too worried about the keyboard.

Number 7 is great! All kids seem to be fascinated by putting their head between bars.

Nancy, Near Philadelphia

Loved it, Nicole. Loved it.

Mrs Moen

Thanks for making me laugh on this grey and otherwise boring day:-)


So sorry about your lap top...I've done way to many of the things on your list! Not the toliet, but my brother did drop a cell phone in a glass of iced tea once, and I put mine through the laundy in the pocket of a sweater!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

All good advice. I remember some of these from your past blog posts. I'm reminded of an incident that I think I'll blog about later. Have a good day, Nicole.


Love your list. Hope you have reached your quota of mishaps for November!!


Those are hysterical! I especially loved the spray adhesive/scotchguard one. I would really like to know, however, what marbles do in a bathtub. Maybe the problem comes if you leave them in there for the next person to "play" with?

Mary Flynn

This was a fantastic summary! I remember so many of these post on your blog too.


Too funny, I also remember to not use red nail polish in the newly carpeted living room! I think we have all had some of these moments, thats for sharing yours!


Hey! I resemble some of those remarks... When did you let Ahren play with marbles in the tub?!


I've spent a lot of the afternoon wondering about the marbles in the bathtub...


I can empathise. We we working on a huge computer conversion at work. Lots of extra hours, etc. It was the habit that after the bank closed, we would go across the street for a large soda and get to it. One day, for some reason, I did not get a lid. I spilled pop on my phone, and thought I cleaned it up pretty good. The next morning my phone rang, I tried to pick up the receiver and it stuck to the phone. I never had pop again without a lid.

Mary on Lake Pulaski

You have made us all so much smarter today (or made us laugh a lot - or both)!!


Sometimes (actually quite often) you're too funny!
Carol, NE

Christine Thomas

Guh-rate post. I think you could actually write a book and get it published. You just need to expound on each topic for a page or two. It would be one of those "quick readers." You could gather material to support each topic from friends and family using your personal experiences to start off.
As far as don't stick your head between problem here. The problem is sticking my fingers or hands into things. They do get stuck. I once tried on a $10,000 diamond ring at a jewelers (they insisted) and IT DID GET STUCK! They were very quick to get the unstuck goo-goo on me in a heart beat.


Sorry to hear about your keyboard. I loved your post. I can relate to some of these. My daughter has ruined 2 cell phones by having them fall into the toilet. You'd think she would have learned the first time. My husband makes popcorn the old fashioned way and he forgot to put the lid on the pan and left the room until he heard the first pop and we had popcorn flying all over the kitchen! Hot popcorn hurts when it hits your skin, by the way. Nancy in WI


Awesome list :-) I think the worst Ive done is carry a brand new mobile phone in a bag with a leaky drink bottle... curious about those marbles!

Sheila Carita

Thanks for the laugh!!



Thanks for the useful tips- too bad it's too late for some of them! They made me laugh out loud- thanks again!.

diane cannon

Thanks for the chuckles tonight I needed them--we are forever finding out what we should not have done--don't we--take care and have a great week end----Hugs, Di


Loved this post!!! I actually had a tree fall on me I totally understand that one!


Here's another one to add to the list: Don't read Nicole's blog at work and laugh so hard that you almost choke on your coffee just as your boss comes by and asks you "What's so darn funny?!".

Lessons learned. Thanks for sharing.
Cell phone in the toliet is what I am guilty of.

Jessica J.

Thanks for making me smile today. :)
I've dropped my phone in the toilet (it fell out of my sweatshirt pocket). Not good. Lesson learned the hard way.

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