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December 28, 2009


Mary Flynn

My goodness what an eventful Christmas! Another one to remember.

badlands quilts

Glad your husband and grandparens are ok...


We ended up with a broken leg for one of my dad's cousins on the day after Christmas at the dinner at my grandmother, ice and alcohol were involved. I don't think peace ever really gets involved in the equation at Christmas lol

Julie in the Barn

Oh my goodness, a most memorable Christmas for sure! Mine pales by comparison. All I did was sit on the couch watching movies while I stitched the binding on my snowball quilt.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Don't tell you husband that I laughed and laughed at your account of the Christmas Eve accident. Glad everyone got through the holidays only slightly scathed.


What an exciting Christmas! Glad that all is well.


Sounds like just a little too much excitement over at your house for Christmas. Hopefully a very peaceful Christmas for you next year with no er trips!

Molly in Sumner, WA

I'm glad your husband is ok. It will make for great stories at the office. He can say you hit him with a frying pan because he got you a treadmill for Christmas........or that he was in a drunken brawl at the local saloon. He could have fun with it. LOL
Amen to the end of the year. I hope 2010 is better financially. This economy has hit my family pretty bad. Onward and upward!


A Christmas to remember - glad that all ended well for everyone concerned.
I did the falling down bit two years ago, unfortunately not in the comfort of my home, but in the middle of the main street of our little town - entered 2009 with a black eye (great conversation starter).
Take care and enjoy the rest of the holiday season.


Oh my! Thankfully all those drama stories had a good ending...hope the remainder of the year is full of Peace and Plenty!


Oh my goodness, that could have been so bad wth your husband falling!! Glad that all is going to be okay. And that your parents (husband's parents?) were able to get there okay---I am impressed that at 86 they are up, dressed and out and about! Wow! I was in my new Christmas pj's all day.
Hope you get to quilt this week!
Beverly in WA


P.S. The picture of Sophie with all the toys in her mouth is priceless!! I bet she keeps you busy. :)


Well, your day was a bit more exciting than mine. Our only drama was when grandson Carter somehow fell on his hand and got up screaming and it was hanging there like a rag doll. We thought he broke his hand or wrist but luckily he hadn't. Miraculously a cookie fixed it!

Miss Jean

I'm sorry that things were, shall we say, hectic. It'll be a great story for other years, though. And someone could dress up like "Dad at Christmas" for the next Halloween party. (sorry!)

I am truly sorry about the grandparents, though. That must have been frightening for them, poor things. That lady was so nice to call you all. My Mom lives near me and is 86. She still drives well but won't take her cell phone with her. Stubborn!

I hope you have a boring and uneventful week and a very Happy New Year!!!



Does Christmas ever meet expectations? Ours was spent snowbound- It's Monday and the first I've been out since last Wednesday. ARGHHH!!! The good thing was, I had lots of time to sew and finished up several projects. Happy New Year.

Lisa D.

Never a dull moment with those pups in the house! I'm glad Dennis is ok and that the grandparents showed up after all. Sounds like next time you need to bring the celebration to them.

Allyson in Alaska

Glad everyone is ok. That picture of Sophie with all three toys in her mouth is hilarious.


Sounds like a very eventful christmas! Glad it all worked out ok.

Renee Lange

Oh my word!!! It's like watching one of those Christmas movies, like Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation. I'm glad everyone is okay (for the most part). The dog pictures are adorable. May you have a peaceful and accident-free New Years!

Nanna mary

Hi Nicole I hope your New Year is Better than your Xmas it sounds like it was A hectic time.A Very Happy New Year to you and all your Family I will catch up with you in the new year.
Hugs Mary.


Did your husband have to go to the Emergency Room on Christmas? It's always something at your house! I like a man with a few battle scars!

It's so good to see the dogs!

Have you been able to squeeze out any sewing time? The little bit I was able to fit into my schedule kept me sane this year. I usually feel pretty sorry for myself after I've done all the shopping, wrapping, decorating and cooking for the holidays. My good cheer is usually gone by the big day, this year I was more mellow, it's either the sewing or age!

Kathy Wagner

OH my's Christmas with the Griswald's Family Vacation! Our family get togethers are always very interesting, but I think yours wins the prize! No stitches here!

Jane Weston

Are you sure your last name isn't Griswald? Poor thing having all that excitement on Christmas...hope he is on the mend now.


Well our Christmas sure was more peaceful than yours! Love your dogs, really love them!

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