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December 16, 2009



It's beautiful!


What a thoughtful person to bring you such and beautiful gift.


Beautiful....the gift, and the giver.


Gorgeous...and the things you placed in it are perfect!

Mary Flynn

I love the added pretties to the already beautiful bowl. The best part is memory of friend who gave it to you.


What a thoughtful guest! It's beautiful. I also love your tree quilt, yes, the borders make this top. As for the hand quilting, just enjoy the process. Perfect is for computer quilting, hand stitching is filled with love!


Lead crystal is heavy. I have a vase that weighs no less then 10lbs, if not 15!

I love the tree quilt. The border makes me think of a forest for some reason, and not because the number of trees. YAY to you for even attempting the quilting by hand. If you finish it you can always say you hand quilted something, which is pretty cool.

Lisa D.

Just beautiful - what a thoughtful gift!

Paulette Doyle

I think your son is going to have to marry this girl....or you could adopt her....? The bowl IS gorgeous and love all the things in it!


What is important to remember is that you are enjoying the process. And, in another 40 years, when your grandchildren's children are cuddling with that quilt, it won't matter how tiny and perfect your stitches are. We're leaving a tangible reminder of our love of beauty.


A beautiful gift! She wouldn't have brought something so nice so far unless she met something very special by it. Keeping my fingers crossed for them!


You know, this really is a Treasure!




Beautiful gift, beautiful giver!

Sue Bennett

What a great gift and you put the perfect items in the bowl. Just beautiful.


It is beautiful.

Carol Lewis

It's beautiful and I love the Christmas cranberries and silver pine cones, perfect.

Mary on Lake Pulaski



A beautiful bowl and as you said Nicole, a beautiful gesture. The arrangment in it is perfect. Thanks so much for sharing the treasure.

Maple Leaf

Dear Nicole, You might have lost the love for your quilt that you pictured on your last post, but I wonder if a certain pen-pal, maybe a future daughter-in-law (fingers crossed) might love it more. Really, the fabrics are beautiful and so is the design. I bet all the commenters would not mind if you chose to finish it for that sweet girl instead of giving it away. Are you with me girls? Love Maple Leaf.

Sue Tokash

So beautiful almost looks like an ice sculpture!

Miss Jean

Hey it looks like I can post now! Yea!!!

First of all, that bowl is lovely. Beautiful, in fact. I love pretty things, especially glass and china. As large as it is, I bet it does way a ton!

Secondly, regarding your previous post: So I'm scrolling down and I come to the picture of your closet and your stacks and stacks of quilts. I'm sitting here with my mouth wide open! OMG! If you need more storage room, I'd be glad to babysit some of your quilts here! And you know that posession is 9/10ths of the law! LOL! mazing!

Stop by my blog today as I have a post about the Irish floods.



I love that bowl, I think red should be it's signature color!

Very thoughtful gift.


That is such an appropriate and beautiful gift. You added just the right things, and it looks so pretty on the table with the little red clock.


She must be amazing! The bowl is so beautiful!

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