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December 16, 2009



Another added benefit of hand-quilt at my house: it gives me something to do when I watch tv with the hubz. I'm one of those people who likes to be doing something when I watch tv. All those L&O marathons don't seem like such a waste when I'm stitching away!


Love this one too . . . and love the bowl . . . very nice !!

you just keep inspiring me . . . I'm collecting my Xmas fabrics and next year I am making some !!


Well, I don't know who doesn't like tree quilts, but I think they're gorgeous...yours especially!


Ohhh Nicole,
I love your Christmas tree quilt! I have been wanting to make a Christmas tree quilt. The tree is my favorite Christmas decoration. Do you know if there is a written pattern for this quilt? I think you will be so happy if you hand quilt this one to the finish--no matter what your stitches look like--all part of the process. I am jealous of your bowl--a very special gift indeed!
Have a nice day!


Your tree pictured at the bottom is made from fabric I used one time. It was the first time I'd bought good fabric, and I was amazed at the difference in feel and how it sewed. I've never looked back, and only spend my time and money on good fabric now.

(My kids call it mouse poop fabric - the little black marks being the indicator there. It makes me giggle every time I look at the fabric.)

Lisa D.

Who cares how long it takes? It will be so worth it! Nice quilt!

Julie in WA

I do like Christmas tree quilts! Until now, though, I have not seen one that I would make. This one? I would definitely make one like this! Is is paper pieced?


Beautiful bowl, beautiful tree quilt and I LOVE the photo of the stacks of quilts in the closet. They're like stacks of love!

Allyson in Alaska

Wow Nicole, quite an endeavor. I salute you. I've handquilted one quilt and will not be attempting another one. My friend made a tree quilt similar to yours with an off-white background, and sewed little white buttons all over the trees to look like snowflakes. It was so cute when she finished! This one could go in your Christmas quilt collection when finished.

Covered Porches

I'm a huge tree quilt fan--- love yours lots. I too struggle with hand quilting abilities. I always admired my grandmother's handquilting...considered it the benchmark. She passed away the year I learned to quilt so she never saw my work. One day, striving to get better at the handquilting. I pull a piece of hers out for comparision--- only to realize they were almost identical. I guess looking at her stitches through the eyes of love and appreciation it always looked perfect... neat memory....

Nancy E

You tree quilt is so special. I don't do much hand quilting anymore .... not that I ever did a lot. But, it is so true that your stitches do get better the more you do it.

I was wondering what you were going to put in the bowl so thanks for showing us. When you look at the bowl, you'll remember being hand carried on a plane just for you.

Sherry V.

I love your Christmas Tree quilt. . . do you remember the name of the pattern? I would love to do one with that design. . . and I love to hand quilt so it would be perfect for me.

I've been having a wonderful time viewing your quilts. . .guess I better get busy so that next year I can do my own quilt show!

Thank you for the inspiration,


Your quilt looks lovely...I am a bit the same with handquilting...persevere you are doing a great job!


I love the Christmas Tree quilt--so festive! The first quilt I made, I handquilted. Yes, my stitching is awful. . . but I'm still proud of it!

It's great to look back and see how far I've come. :)

Valerie/Pumpkin Patch Quilter

Oh, now I love this quilt. I think your quilting looks really nice, the stitches are nice and even and small. It's wonderful! When it's all finished you will be so proud and it will be one gorgeous quilt. I like to leave a basket by the tv and hand quilt in the evenings while watching with Hubby. :)

Sue Bennett

Very Nice. Who cares if it takes you 20 years. You will have a very nice quilt to show for it. keep on going.


I love your tree quilt! I think your hand quilting is really nice. I really love your stack of quilts/tops too!

Nanna mary

I love your glass bowl I can see A trifle in it MMMMMMMMM yum.I like xmas trees I think I might be able to do that but on the machine It would take to long by hand.I am going to have a try just by looking at your blog for the pattern.
Hugs Mary.

Carol Lewis

I like it. Your quilting is good. Part of the charm of hand quilting is that it's not perfect, unique like your signature. I like how the trees are in boxes too.

Mary on Lake Pulaski

That is the cutest tree quilt I have seen!! Love it!


ADOOORable! I really love it! And it could be Christmas, or at another time of the year, not! Would you invite me over so I could roll around in your quilt closet please? It makes me happy just looking at it. Your blog is so inspiring to me! Please don't ever stop.


One good thing about quilts is that, unless you enter it in a judged show, people don't look at the stitches, just the quilt itself. This one is really nice: I wouldn't mind doing one myself.


Your closet full of quits....oh my, that would be my dream come true, to have a closet with quilts stacked to the ceiling. They all look lovely, all folded and waiting their turn to get out of the closet. What was this post about, I forgot everything when I saw that picture.


Beautiful Christmas Tree Quilt.


Rose Marie

It is so true ... hand quilted quilts are softer to the touch. Most of my quilts are hand quilted, but every now and then a machine quilt gets tossed in and I love the touch of them too.
That is an adorable tree quilt and so right for the winter months.

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