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December 15, 2009


Lynda Green

I love the fabrics and am woefully short on Christmas quilts as I tend to give them away once finished! Always enjoy reading your blog.


Lucky you receiving that lovely gift! I think your Christmas quilt idea is gorgeous...

Sue Bennett

WOW the penpal sounds great and cant wait to see what you put in that bowl. I am a bowl person my self. The fabrics in the quilt look great. You know I dont even own a Christmas quilt. I make quilts for the QOV program and never get around to making christmas ones. Love the blog.


I love the blocks. The colors are gorgeous! I hope everything works out great with your son and his penpal. That sounds romantic. How sweet that she brought you a gift.


Oh, my fingers are crossed for the pen pal romance! Your blocks are great - I wonder what made you lose the love? They look beautiful!

Maria Stahl

Blessings indeed - a lovely new friend for you and perhaps someday a lovely new daughter as well!

(I love Waterford crystal. Visited the plant once. It's a huge place with bazillions of people working away like crazy.)


I don't think I could give these beautiful blocks away if they were mine!
Enjoy your visitor. You never know what might come of this long-distance correspondence!

Tricia L.

A pen pal house guest! Cool! I always had penpals growing up and did eventually meet a few, but never an international pen pal.

I would love to win your UFO! I can't tell you how bad I want to make a Christmas quilt but cannot seem to put the fabric together. Thanks for your generosity! It looks like it is going to be a gorgeous quilt!


Hi Nicole, what a thoughtful gift and reminder of her visit. Thank you for the giveaway, I love Christmas quilts.

Nancy, Near Philadelphia

I'd be SO pleased to finish that quilt, Nicole. I've made a few Christmas quilts and given them all away. It would be lovely to finish yours and keep it -- it would look perfect draped on MY chair in the living room!


Oh I just love those 'em...I'd be more than happy to finish that quilt. What a wonderful gift from your guest...fingers crossed...oh this could be a movie.


I love the fabrics for that quilt and would love to win them. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family. I love your blog and read it every day. Kathy


I'd love to finish your Xmas quilt. I LOVE fig tree fabric and I'm trying to get my hands on all of the collections. Saturday is my 30th bday and it would make the perfect present! Enjoy time with your son and his friend. She sounds adorable! Poohbearnjit at yahoo dot com


Another Beauty!
I hope you & your son enjoy your visiting friend & getting to know each other
Chris x


Oh MY! I seriously adore that fabric. The green polka dot is one of my favorites. I'd love to win the blocks.
Love anything in Joanna's Fig Tree line but this is especially sweet.


Oh yes..I would be so pleased to finish that quilt. I have not made any Christmas quilts as yet but after reading your story about guests signing the back of the quilt, I would very much like to do the same thing. What a wonderful story about your sons pen pal and visit. You are blessed.


Those are beautiful blocks! Yes....that quilt could be the start of my own Christmas quilt collection....I can't believe I don't have a single one yet!
Nicole, thanks so much for you blog and for sharing with us.


What a delightful and thoughtful gift from your son's friend.

I'd love a shot at winning this beauty - I remember when you started this one. :-)


I really like the colors and fabrics you chose for this. Can't believe you are giving it away. I don't think I could be so generous. So, while I wouldn't give it away myself, I'd love to have it to finish! Thanks for the giveaway!


I have the book with that pattern and have been wanting to make one of my own--I'd be more than happy to finish yours. The fabrics you chose are just lovely. Be sure and keep us posted on how the relationship develops between your son and his visitor!


Do I hear wedding bells in the distance? I think the UFO giveaway is a very kind gesture. Although, I'm not looking to win it anyone who does will be quite lucky. Someday I'll deviate from my baby quilt-making, lol.


Oh love from afar ... happy thoughts.

Now I keep saying I'm going to make a Christmas quilt for my bed ... maybe I'll be lucky. thanks.

Merry Christmas

Kathy R

You've inspired me to finish the Christmas quilt I started this summer. It won't be done for this Christmas, but I look forward to using it next year. If I win your UFO, that would be 2 quilts I'd have for next year!


I love your UFO! That's great about your son's penpal :o) Amie


I have been reading your blog for quite awhile and always check first thing in the morning to see what you've been working on. I have been quilting for awhile but don't have any Christmas quilts to show for it (five kids don't leave me too much time), so those blocks would go to a happy home. :) Blessings during the season and with your special visitor. Nyla-Jean - Kingston, Ontario

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