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January 22, 2010


Sue Bennett

I love your snowball quilt top. I also like the way that you used the black in a small outside border. It really sets off the reds.


I'm so kicking myself this morning, I knew I was going to add a Santa border so I didn't even consider making the border blocks for my Red and White Snowball Challenge..UGH..What a difference it makes! Those small blocks add so much!

Great job, and Congratulations on finishing this quilt.

Shelley Dionne

Oh my gosh Nicole, that quilt is so totally awesome!! You must be so proud of it! Red is my FAV color! Congrats!


Ta-dah! It looks so striking with the black and red borders! Congratulations on the finish - you'll love it even more when it's quilted!


Oh my goodness, this is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! Congratulations on a FANTASTIC finish...and I guess a start to a newly decorated room :)


Nicole it looks fantastic...the borders are perfect.


It looks great! An excuse to redecorate is a good one :)


Sew beautiful!


Wow! The quilt looks really wonderful!! What a fun quilt with happy memories!


It's gorgeous! Congratulations on a great finish!!

Bradie Sparrow

This is a beauty! I'm a wee bit hooked on two color quilts lately so I'm thrilled to see this one. Thanks for sharing.

Lisa in New England

WOW! Snowball blocks never did much for me.....until now! Great job :-)

Mary Flynn

It's wonderful!!

Lizzie Swinney


Truly beautiful!



red quilts = happiness!


Gorgeous! You added such a nice touch with the inner and outer borders. This is such a classic, timeless quilt! I don't know how you do it working full-time+ but the results of your work are simply amazing! I'm still putting blocks together! I think I'm shooting for a V-Day finish. :)


Gorgeous! I love this, and the idea of decorating with the white ironstone and red & white roses. I have my red & white quilt in my bedroom and I love it!




It's just so beautiful! Congratulations on a great finish!


What a awesome quilt, I'm kicking myself for not joining this challenge. I love how it turned out.


Another great quilt, Nicole! It's still on my "to do" list.


Gorgeous! I need to get cracking on mine -- being sick for 3 weeks really set me back. I'm using a border also, but I'm also making mine queen size -- 169 blocks PLUS the partial ones!

Melissa C

Great finish and I love the borders. Can't wait to get mine quilted, I want to use it.


It's lovely!


Wow this turned out awesome!!

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