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January 05, 2010


Lisa in New England

What a beautiful pouch! Sophie is so cute..her expressions are very human-like. Glad you're feeling better :-)


What a gorgeous pouch. It really is too bad that Sophie and Ozzie can't get along better.


Your blogs are worth waiting for. Have a great 2010!

Mary Flynn

Have to tell you that Sophie is just so darned cute it is hard to believe that she has arguments with Ozzie.
Feeling better?
Blog buds are evidenced here today!

Nanna mary

I look for your blog every day I would be lost without it. I am glad you are getting better Sophie is getting cute'r every day I love your gift very nice.
Hugs Mary.


I recently struggled through making one of those pouches, I did a prototype that wan't quite it but I think I have it worked out now. They make great sewing pouches. I love seeing photos of your dogs, Sophie is a very pretty terrier.


Sophie, you break my heart each and every time I see your adorable face.

A jewelry pouch, what a lovely gift.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Pretty jewelry pouch; pretty Sophie.


Gosh that's a beautiful jewelry pouch with a lovely presentation, I agree. Sophie is so cute in the photo and you're so nice to make the photos lovely and enjoyable for us! I'm hoping your feeling better and better each day. I'm feeling not better today but I guess that's over-doing it! I expect to make a turn for the better as the afternoon wears on... Then I can do things like... hmmm. What is that thing we do?

Kathy Wagner

What a lovely gesture!
I received one of these over the holidays also and am looking forward to having somewhere to go so I can use it!

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