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January 13, 2010



It is such a pain when patterns are wrong. That sucks the fun out of quilting. I'm glad you finished the top, it's beautiful.

Lisa D.

Nicole - your quilt is beautiful and I'm glad you didn't abandon it. I also had major issues with my Web Sampler finishing kit and I got mine from a different shop! I'm completely convinced they use EQ6 to design these layouts without ever pattern testing them. My instructions were tear-out-your-hair horrible too.

Nancy, Near Philadelphia

I so appreciate your frankness, and I think Lisa D is right. It is only responsible to test patterns. And those who don't, or who write bad directions deserve to be outed. Bravo for the report and a second bravo for the quilt!


Oh you poor quilter! Curse of the crazy pattern instructions! This quilt is certainly worth the trouble. It has turned out beautifully! Congrats for sticking with it. I think sometimes, when we walk away, we have time to learn new tricks and can approach the abandoned project with experience and confidence on our side. Looks like that's exactly what you did!


Well worth the trouble you went through. It's gorgeous! :o)


Congratulations on finishing that project at last. I did not participate in that one, but two friends did. They also thought it was 1)pricey and 2) impossible to finish. Theirs are still in pieces.

Miss Jean

Reminds me of the Meg Ryan line in the movie, French Kiss: "I will triumph!" Way to go for persevering. One thing I need to remember when starting a project is go to the pattern maker's web site and look at the corrections page. You'd be surprised (or not) at the patterns that have addendums on them. Or you get a magazine and there is a correction for a pattern two or three issues back. We had a quilt shop that was notorious for shorting the fabric in kits. By the time you figure it out the fabric is no longer available. Luckily this is the exception rather than the rule. I'm proud of you for finishing it.

badlands quilts

Looks great, kudos for your persistence!


Awesome that you went back and made it work. I have done two of the Patchwork Party, and one I had to give up on because of the instructions for the finishing you make me think of unburying it.
It is true how pricey these things end up being. I think I figured my last one cost about $215 just for the top! Shhh don't tell DH lol. And it's not like it was heavy applique to justify the cost.

Renee Lange

I give you a lot of credit. I've been quilting for many years and I think I would've given up and just put plain borders on, but I'm so glad you didn't. That patterned border looks great and really makes the whole quilt unique. Great job!


You are my hero!!!!!!!!!!! I am standing up clapping for you! Those directions were the absolute worst directions I've ever had to deal with. I'm so glad you figured out a way to make it work and that you got both triangle borders on...mine only has one...I QUIT...had it quilted and I do love it now but it ruined Web Samplers for me forever...I haven't done another one since and I won't do another one.


It's beautiful. I struggled with a BOM, first the directions, or lack of, then the background fabric supplied by the shop starting changing in color. (different dye lots). I'm back at it, after having cancer, off dye lots are no big deal *vbg* Congrats at getting this finished, and one more border will give some stability to all the bias piecing. Lovely job!

Wendy Tulloch

Nicole- Good job on that quilt. It is quite beautiful. You must be getting a great feeling from the accomplishment.


 Nancy in WI

That turned out fantabulous!!! I love it! I ditched mine and now I can't remember where I bought it from so I'll have to dig it up. I think it might be the same one that Lisa D. picked. I think I would have had to do what the other girl did and just put a border on it and forget the triangles but look at the reward at the end, gorgeous! Nancy in WI


It turned out so pretty, even for all the trouble it gave you. Bad instructions are so frustrating!!


I love the colors!


Ive come across a few patterns with boo boos, but never one that bad! I congratulate you on finishing it, it looks great!

cathy lewis

i had bought the kit but have done nothing because of the reason you state. I know that I am not that experienced . Love the way yours turned out.

Molly in Sumner, WA

Nicole, that is one AWESOME looking quilt! Good for you for the perseverance to finish it. I really love it.....but I don't think I'll be trying to make it! LOL


I did that Web Sampler too, and just the blocks were a nightmare I thought, talk about poorly written directions! I got my finishing kit someplace else, don't remember which shop now, and when I saw I had to cut like 600 little 2 inch blocks, I abandoned that idea and just make up my own setting for the blocks. I don't know if I'll ever do one of those again.


First of all congratulations on the finish -- it is a beautiful top despite all the trouble it put you through!

Thank you for this timely post. A friend had recently shown me a BOM that I was strongly thinking of doing. But like you, I realized that $9 a month was not that cheap after 12 months especially considering the additional expense of finishing kits and backing. I debated my hesitation at signing up but now I am glad I didn't.

While I won't rule out doing one in the future (but I must absolutely love it), you also gave me something to think about regarding being careful about the instructions included in a kit and maybe asking whether the project was tested since when you sign up for these things most state very clearly that you are committed to purchasing it to the end.

paulettte Doyle

I'm so glad you ignored the instructions and finished off the quilt your way! It is stunning!! Well done!


Good Job! You took a mess and made a beautiful quilt - you should be proud of yourself - all your readers are proud of you!!!!

I guess I'm curious - have you told the shop owner about your trouble with the pattern? I work at a shop and write quite a few patterns, making a sample before it hits the sales floor. I try to make things very simple, but still worry that a customer will have problems with it. If you haven't told the shop owner, please do - that's the only way to help solve this type of problem.

Keep up the good work - and sounds like you are feeling better too - bravo!


Nicole, I hope this means you are feeling better. Great finish. It turned out beautifully. You and Mrs. Moen have motivated me to work on my own Finish It projects. I will be linking to both of your blogs tomorrow. Hope you don't mind.


I'm with everyone else here. The pattern needs to be tested before it's sent to print. Yes, I know there are deadlines and all, but a bad pattern could turn someone away from quilting.

I have wrote patterns myself and I try to make it very simple for people. I have another person make the quilt following my directions and they would let me know where if any of the trouble spots were. I tried to write my patterns like Quilt In A Day. Step by step instructions and leave nothing out. Tell them when to press and what direction. I hate when patterns don't tell you what direction to press.

Great job on your quilt. It looks great. I have a few projects that I've not finished because it got hard or the direction were wrote poorly.

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