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February 08, 2010



Nicole, I think your fabric choices also add lots of interest to the pattern. I am happy to hear you are going forward with the original. Good Luck on Thursday! You'll be in an out and ready to quilt again in no time.


I like the offset alt blocks too. Definatly unique.
Good luck with the surgery! Never fun but they can fix so much.


Isn't it funny how we can agonize over something and then when we see it, our opinion changes anyway? I do this a lot. My small quilting group is doing a basket block of the month. (If you're looking for basket block ideas, I'm posting the patterns here: ) When it came time to choose fabrics I just could NOT decide. Nothing spoke to me. I agonized for a month, and finally decided to use the stack of blues and browns that I had set aside for the neighbor's graduation quilt. I figured I could just slice off strips for the graduation quilt (a random 16 patch) as I did the monthly blocks. At the end, I could give the basket quilt away. I didn't HAVE to love the fabric, I just had to choose something. Well, now I love the fabric. I love the few blocks that I've done. (Actually, I'm embarrassed to admit that I'm the furthest behind in the monthly blocks, even though I'm the one who writes them!)


looking lovely. I love all the quilts that you make. Best of luck on Thursday hope all goes well.

call me crazy

Both are great looking blocks, but I like the 9 patches too. Good luck on Thursday! :-)


Both are lovely - but I also would go with the original pattern. I must tell you that I admire your sense of colour - all of your quilts always seem to have just the right fabric choice.
Good luck on Thursday!!


I really love the original block. The addition of the rectangles really "makes it". You will be so much happier after your sinus surgery - I promise. It makes the world of difference!!


Hope you sinus surgery goes well.
Carol, NE

Pesky Patti

Will be thinkin' of ya on Thursday. It's great to know that perhaps this will be a solution to an ongoing problem. With spring on its way, you don't want to miss out on any of the exciting odors!!!

Chris@Cats on my Quilts

Ah Yeas. You came over to the dark side! It will be a great quilt and sometimes it's good to step out of our comfort zone.


I love the original blocks.

My husband had sinus surgery a few years ago. It changed his life. However, what was supposed to be less than an hour surgery took over three hours. The doctor said it was the worst he'd seen in over 30 years of doing surgery. I'm sure yours will be easier, but even if it takes a long time, it still works!

Allyson in Alaska

Will be thinking of you Thursday. Good luck with the surgery!

Your blocks are looking good too! Love that tan from Oak and Reel.


Hi Nicole,
I liked what Carrie said as well....
there was something that drew you to that quilt. I think you will be happy sewing it as shown in the pattern. I like it, for whatever reason. It will be fun to watch it come to be.
I know someone who had polyps removed from her sinuses and now she can smell and taste better and has had fewer infections. She was glad she had the surgery.
Take care of yourself.
Beverly in WA


Nicole - Your fabric choices are the best and so inspiring! Here's to a speedy recovery!
Karen L.


I like that you decided to go with the original blocks :-) but I love the fact that you weren't afraid to experiment and audition another option too! Hope your surgery is a piece of cake and that you get excellent results!

Nan S.

Good luck with the surgery on Thursday. A dear friend of mine had sinus surgery a few years ago and has felt so much better since!


"good is good enough", if you only knew how many times a day I say that to myself! I'm more of a "good is the enemy of the better' person which drives me to distraction! But in this case, I don't think there's a bad choice. This is going to be a great project!

You're the first person I've know who's had sinus surgery, good luck with that, I hope you're feeling better than ever in no time!


I completely agree with you. The visual complexity of these designs has lent it a different kind of visual appeal. I also love these designs. :)

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