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March 05, 2010



OOoo, that one will be gorgeous!


That will be lovely!


It will look great in black and white. Have you started yet?


Dear me.........looks like I'll be ordering that line of material.......I have got to stop this!


That will be really pretty. Now just enjoy that sunshine I see out your dining room window!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Never heard that expression, but it's a good one. I think that cat is more like, all hat and no mice.

Sinta Renee

Another wonderful idea! I love the black and white group. It would be rich/instant heirloom! Now I have to go backtrack and see what all those Happy Camper strips are getting made into...


I need to write that expression down, I love it. Enjoy your creative phase, I'm very jealous of it. Maybe I need to loosen up a little and let the ideas in....not sure it's possible. We need to pair up, you think up the Ideas then I execute them, but then, who would get to keep the quilt?

The black Alex Anderson fabric is perfect for that pattern! Another great idea!

That cat picture is too cute, who thinks up this stuff!!


Welcome to my quilting world - ideas constantly swirling, projects waiting in the wings tempting me constantly. Isn't it great?


Nicole, you crack me up. I am in the place you are heading I think. I look at all of the old books and mark all of the patterns I just love, then go look at my fabric and think, yes, this would be wonderful, and then I go sit back down and dream about doing them. But at least you are getting some quilting done. This is a pattern I have marked also and I think it will be wonderful in the fabrics you have chosen. I see another quilt started in your near future, lol


Just last night I was looking at the same quilt and decided to do this one.
I need to enlarge it for a king. Just cannot decide on the red or blue.
The creative process of designing and planning quilts always spurs me on.You just got my cattle moving. I will be ordering the fabric this weekend!

 Nancy in WI

I say.....go for it Nicole! I love black and white. You're getting my creative juices flowing just looking at on to check it out! Nancy in WI


My theory is Strike while the iron is hot! If you are inspired to start a new quilt, just do it and don't agonize over it. It's my favorite thing to do. Have fun girl! That's the most important thing!

Cathy Carmichael

My local quilt shop was the one that designed the quilt. She probably doesn't have anymore kits left, but there could be a chance that she does. I could call tomorrow and ask if she does have anymore Black and White kits if you would like.


Great pattern. Ohhh, I think that black and white fabric would be awesome---especially since you have the chair cushions to match!! I got a good chuckle out of the saying---had not heard that one. My dad was a farmer and cowboy---didn't hear that one out of him either. Wish he were here and I would run it buy him for a good laugh.
Have a great weekend.
Beverly in WA


Now, didn't I buy some black and cream fabrics from you? Ideas are now swirling in my head. And BTW, you also sent me a piece of that fabric that's on your chairs. I made a valance out of it.


Very cute post. I love your black & cream fabrics. And your cat photo was LOL. Have you visited Prarie Moon Quilts? I think you'd like them.



I have a little bit of the red P & B. I love it. I haven't seen the black so I look forward to seeing your project!


I made that exact quilt for my MIL for Christmas. She loved it! I used Quilt In A Day's flying geese ruler, and it cut the piecing time by about 1/3.


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