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March 15, 2010



Wow! I think I know who it came from...and if I'm DID luck out! Congrats on the stunt sewing and the fun box o' gifts!

Nancy, Near Philadelphia

LOVE the fish print! Have fun!


What a beautiful box of treats! Enjoy - and it will be fun to see your progress as you cut into those fabrics!

Tricia L.

I spy a Wonderland charm pack in that pile of goodness! So jealous....can't wait to see what you make with all of it.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

You lucky dog! I love that fish fabric. (I'm a pisces.) Might have to find me some of that.


Wow, enjoy! That is a bounty of riches for sure, such pretty fabric to play with...I would be scared to cut into it!

call me crazy

Wow! You won the lottery! LOL :-) Someone really appreciates you~ have fun with your new stash. :-)


Yeah you lucked out big time! I think those fabrics will be awesome for Roundabout and it looked like a layercake so you can make it the bigger size!

Sinta Renee

Do you hear my ooo's and awww's?! How fun is that! I have fabric envy for sure:)

Miss Jean

How nice of her to do that. I like the way she addressed the card, "The Choice Sister." Sweet!


I don't believe luck had anything to do with it, Nicole, just pure showing off by the designer...NOT! Of course you EARNED these riches with your mad skills. Congratulations!

Love the background in this pic :)

Denise in PA

Woo hoo! You hit paydirt there - what fun!! Can't wait to see what comes from that treasure trove!


Sew fun!

Mary on Lake Pulaski

I'm sure you earned every inch of it! Can't wait to see Odyssea Schnibble.

Nanna mary

WOW I envy you you are so lucky just think the fun you will have with all that material you will think you are in heaven.
Hugs Mary.


What a wonderful gift!!!!
Beverly in WA


Oh, gosh, I'm green with envy! That's okay, though, since it's St. Patrick's Day! LOL! Wonderful!

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