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March 11, 2010



OMG look at that sweet face...please give her another goodie!

Laurie in Iowa

Sophie is such a sweetie pie. I think my Emma and Owen would enjoy peanut butter on a biscuit.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

OK, two questions: where do I get a Kong toy? and does she get peanut butter all over the floor?


I use cheerioes and peanut butter on Bear's kong. Works great too!


LOL My Bassets luv that too!

Denise in PA

Oh, but look at that face! Sophie is so cute!

paulettte Doyle

Thanks for the tip!! Must try that one when we get home!! Rylie drives me crazy - wants to play while I'm stitching!! Which means I have to put down my handwork to throw the ball...not good!!Take care!


Never mind the dog...those purses are so cute!

Allyson in Alaska

Forget the jeans....we want to see the SHOES!

Christine Thomas

And never mind the shoes, purses or Kong toy...I wear size 8s in Talbotts jeans. :)


Love seeing those pretty purses lined up like that. It would make me happy to see that in my closet too. Something about the symetry and the colors-just like quilting I guess!


I use the peanut butter and Kong toy trick all the time - in fact, I'm getting ready to use it again today! I break the dog biscuits into smaller pieces, put some peanut butter down deep inside the Kong, add a broken piece (wedged firmly down there so it takes a bit of working to get it out), add a bit more peanut butter and keep that going until I reach the top. The pieces of biscuit wedged sideways take awhile for Joey to get out so I usually have a bit more respite for whatever I'm doing. We are sneaky, aren't we? Or, is that creative?

Connie W

I do the same thing, hanging on to the older jeans in hopes they will fit again. Your purse shelf reminds me of mine. I love leather purses and all those colors are so pretty.
I don't have a dog but I myself enjoy peanut butter, although not in that fashion. ;D

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