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April 21, 2010


Karen L.

Nicole - This is going to be a beautiful quilt! Because I am computer-challenged, I am not able to open the PDF file. Would it be possible to show us the instructions?

Thanks for your expertise, your insight and your photos!

Karen L.


Oh Nicole, I love it! I have my Elizabeth almost ready to be a top in Rouenneries and I've also made my Madeline I'm thinking I need to make a full size one too. You are such a good influence :) do I really have to go to work today?


I am a devoted follower of yours and saw an earlier post you did on the Fit to be Geese ruler.As I've never been able to successfully make them, I decided to give the ruler a try.
IT WORKED!!! I think I love you even more than this ruler for opening up a whole new world to me...flying geese...I finally can make them. Thank you thank you thank you!


Nicole - I think that you sent the PDF link to your e-mail attachment. Can you upload it somewhere else? Or send it by e-mail? Thanks!!

Leota Krantz

What a wonderful idea. I would love a "bigger" Madeline and am definitely not good at math. So you know that I am really looking forward to that new Schnibbles book, right? I love reading about all of your quilting adventures and I love Sophie's adventures too. She is a "hoot". However, I cannot open up the PDF file that Miss Rosie (Carrie) sent to you. For me it does not come across in PDF format. Could you email to me in PDF? I would so appreciate it. Many thanks and keep this blog coming.


Hi...having trouble opening PDF file...says Windows doesn't recognize MIME?

Shelley dionne

Excellent, my dear Watson, excellent deductions and tutorial! Sophie must want her butt to be soft and fluffy!LOL


I also couldn't open the PDF file. Where else can I get the directions? Also where did you get the fly geese ruler?
Thanks so much!

paulettte Doyle

I also love the Madeline block and thought I would like to make it only bigger!! Thank you so much for doing it for me...I am saving this page so that I can pull it up when I get home!! Take care!


Kaye England has a ruler in the Nifty Notions rulers collection that does all the work for you for those triangles . . . you can put them around any size block just by using this ruler . . .

if you haven't tried any Nifty Notions rulers yet . . . I know you would love them . . . they are all I use now . . . for everything !!

perfect flying geese . . . perfect 1/2 square triangles . . . perfect 1/4 square triangles . . . they are amazing !!


Must. Make. This. Quilt. I love the snibbles patterns, but I'm not a snibbles-sized quiltmaker. Think Miss Rosie could do a great business just upsizing her own patterns, though come to think of it,she has done this with some patterns. I'm off to get the Elizabeth pattern and geese ruler and maybe more Rounneneries fabric, if I can find it. You are a great inspiration for my quilting; my pocketbook...not so much!

Nancy Stevens


call me crazy

Oh beautiful block! That is going to be a gorgeous quilt! LOL on Sophie! :-) Thanks for the giggles!


please email me the directions on enlarging the block patterns. thanks so much

Laura Tawney

I really like the Madeline block and would love a copy of the PDF. Thanks so much and I'm glad you are testing it out first!
Laura T


I would love to have the pdf file for Madeline also. And Rounenneries has got to be an all time favorite it.

Denise in PA

I'm making Madeline in Rounenneries too! I would love to make a bigger one, but alas, only have enough fabric for the small version (but I DO have a place to hang it). The big version will be scrumptious and, yes, it just may sell the house for you o:)

Too bad about the Buffy bar! I just found out that we have a Lush in Philadelphia, so I'll be getting my own Buffy!

Mary Kastner

Hi Nichole,

My FQ stack of Rounenneries has been sitting waiting for an inspiration. I should have figured it would be from you! This is awesome. Would you please email the PDF to me? Have a great day!



Nicole I would love the PDF file. I have a pattern that I've been trying to figure out the corners myself. Isn't Madeline such a darling pattern? And I also have that gorgeous Elizabeth pattern. I saw it made up in Civil War prints and it was beautiful. I am collecting the fabrics for it.

Julie Dalcin

Would love a copy of the .pdf file. Have been following your blog. Your quilts are beautiful!


Oh I can't wait to see your big version! I love this pattern too.


Could you please send me a copy of the PDF file? I love what you are doing with this...the fabric and pattern combo is beautiful. Maybe one day I will be adventurous/skilled enough to alter patterns like this to suit my tastes!


Ohh, I love that quilt - and red!


I love the larger block...but can't open the PDF...oh, and yes, your other quilt will be amazing in Aster Manor!


Please send me a copy of the PDF file. Thank you.

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