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April 12, 2010


Shelley dionne

Your table is set so lovely! Just perfect for company or a quiet soiree for two!


So glad to hear the quilt was not in that box!!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Look at those pooped-out puppy dogs. I love it.


I was wondering what the outcome of the story of Ahren and Mary was--glad to hear love continues to blossom and the quilt was a hit (as we knew it would be). So happy for them! Wow, a son is moving across the world. No wonder you want to move near your daughter!

The box that went round the world for $50. How can I get that gig?


Those two look tuckered out! I'll bet they are happy to see each other. Glad to hear they're getting along.

Your dinner table looks lovely.

Christine Thomas

Yay! for the quilt.
Too bad Ahren can't go back to the airlines and say they missed delivered the box and resend it for the original $50.


Thanks for the love quilt update! I didn't want to ask..and when you didn't mention it, I really, really didn't want to ask--I'll bet there are more than a few of your blog readers who felt the same way!! The days and months will fly by and it will be time for another visit before they know it! Shouldn't American Airlines refund the $50 since it was more than obviously THEIR fault the box didn't reach its destination?? Jan

Loris Mills

Good news the books made it to a safe place even though it wasn't the plan. Maybe she'll enjoy them when she gets to come here next August. What a nice love story..quilt and all.
The pooches look fun and adorable. Previous goldens in our family would entertain us with fake dog fighting. They were brothers and knew just where the line was and never crossed it with each other but they sure sounded fierce anyway. Then they would lay down and the cats would come sleep on them.
The late afternoon table looks inviting :-)


What a relief to have the dogs not just getting along but playing together, that's why you got the second one! Sophie's hair sure grows fast!


Great to hear Ahren and Mary Ann are going so well. I noticed Sarah's blog was down. Hope everything is alright? So good to see the dogs playing together. They are so cute!

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