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April 30, 2010



Oh, Nicole, Madeline is beautiful! It's so good to see you sewing again, so often. Your work is wonderful to watch unfold.


This quilt is just gorgeous. What a gift you have for arranging fabric and placing color in just the right place. Wow.


Madeline is absolutely gorgeous! Do you think you could make it with 2 layer cakes?


Madeline looks AMAZING! It's my favorite too!
Good Luck with Sohpie



Nancy, Near Philadelphia

Madeline is terrific. Just terrific.


Breathtaking. That is the word I *always* use when you post a new quilt. Madeline is no exception!

And the floors, wow. So beautiful.


Woo-Hoo! The Madeline quilt is a super beauty!!!
I love the next blocks you have started too. Very lovely fabrics!


Oh wow, your Madeline is gorgeous! I love that pattern. I LOVE that fabric. It looks like if Sophie doesn't straighten up, she will be in the doggie crate for a lonnngggg time. Please stop by my blog and vote for my friend.

Jayne Honnold

Madeline is beautiful! And I think your Sophie has more personality than lots of people I know! Give her a doggie treat from me, and an extra walk around the block! Jayne


Madeline grew up well, I think. Gorgeous. Can't wait to shamelessly copy your layout...(just kidding, I'll most likely do my own twist on your version!) I'm curious tho... how much fabric of each color did you use?

Barbara Anne

Madeline looks just beautiful! I love all of the fabrics and they way they play together happily with the blocks and in the whole quilt top. Well done!!!!

I may use this block layout for some of my lovely but older pansy fabric that Marcus Bros. made... perhaps? The star centers would be perfect for the pansies!

Poor helpful Sophie! She was just trying to help so her life could get back to its peaceful and quiet norm. Hope she didn't find her way into the floor glue last night!



Truly beautiful. I can't wait to see it with borders. Borders to a quilt are just like a great haircut to a face. They just set of off fabulously!

Sandy (Strlady)

Madeline Looks so wonderful! Have you decided what you are going to do on the border? Did I miss it?
I love Elizabeth too. I'm looking forward to the new book coming out in May that will have the pattern in it. I have it on my wish list so I'll remember to pick it up come May. I don't think I have enough time in my life to finish all the quilts I want to make.

Sophie is so funny! The workmen are very patient. lol!


Nicole, absolutely gorgeous - you have a way with colour and your blocks always look so crisp and perfect - you're a real inspiration.
The floors look lovely as do mine - it was worth the effort. Add new floor boards and paint and I want to throw a party to celebrate our new (old) digs. The painters come back this weekend to finish up, this means more packing of books and china and scraping off of wallpaper.
Enjoy a hopefully quiet weekend.
Yes, dogs do need jobs and if you don't assign them a task they will find one, hence the spacer collection.

Paulette Doyle

I have to agree with you!! When she was little she was adorable but now that she is grown up...what a beauty!! I think I am going to HAVE to make a big sister for my Madeline!! My favourite all time colour combo!! Love the other blocks too- love Rouenerries!! Take care!


Hi Nicole,

Your quilts are coming along fabulously.I just got my new Carrie Nelson book in the mail. Nicole, you quilt is FIRST in the book. Way to go. You do beautiful work so it's good to see your name "in print." What is the name of the fabric line used for Bennington? It's colorful without being overwhelming. Good luck on Sophie and the house re-do. The disruption is tough on the homeowner; dogs must just be so out of their own world with tension.

Best wishes,

Miss Jean

It's gorgeous!!!!! I'm going to start your "just one hour a day" advise. I never seem to get quilting done, mostly because I fritter my time away doing other stuff.

The floor is beautiful. Too bad you are leaving it. Sophie is such a good flooring apprentice!

Shelley dionne

LOLOL! Nicole, being a prisoner in your sewing room WORKS for you!! Madeline...well, you know how that is...


Madeline is indeed a beauty. I just saw an Elizabeth that took my breath away. Can't wait to see yours. I may have to do one, not sure I want to start collecting all those fabrics. We put down hardwood floors several years ago, love them! It looks wonderful.

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Madeline is calling to me!!! Wow - one of my all time favorites too!


I think there are going to be several Big Madeline's on some quilters To Do lists, she's lovely. I particularly like how you fussy cut that one big flower in the gray, and added a few 4 patches as centers. Wonderful job Nicole.

Sounds like the home improvements are going great, you picked a great contractor.

Are you swapping out the shiny gold accents, door knobs and light fixtures as part of your redo?


Nicole, this is a great post! I'm glad you finished Madeline and that you love it! Isn't that the best feeling? When you just love your top and have no wishes for wanting to do things differently?

Sophie kills me! I love all the stories you share of her mischief. She needs someone to constantly be on the watch for her. Little rascal.


I am rouge et gris (rather than green) with envy!


Nicole - Madeline is beautiful. Love the way you laid out the colors. Sophie is funny - just wants to be a part of things. Are you sure you are going to want to leave your house now that you are doing all this work to it? LOL - it is coming out beautiful.

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