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April 22, 2010



Congratulations on your last day! and your first day of all things new!

Mary Flynn

Woo Hoo...first and last day's at work are always the best!


YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so very, very happy for you! I will surely raise a toast to you and the beginning of your new life! Love your pattern...let the pink play.

Lisa Hart

well with the time differences I am not sure I will raise a glass at the right time so I will do it at MY 5.30 - have a nice last day ;o)

Oh and pink for me, always pink for me though!

Laurie in Iowa

Congrats on your last day of work.

Mrs Moen

It's not quite 5:30 yet, but here's my toast anyway: Happy last day at work; may you enjoy every day following!

badlands quilts

Congrats to you!


Hi Nicole!
Congrats on your last day! I'll surely think of you & toast@ 5.30!
As to the pinks...hmmm...I really LOVE pinks - but I think it would be a nice effect if you used the 'bolder' (don't know if this is the right expression, sorry) fabrics to have higher contrasts...and maybe the darker border just need the pinks to be left out...!?
Anyways, it'll be a beautiful quilt for sure - have fun playing with Martinique (oh, I can't wait for my helping of that fabric collection!)


Oh my goodness...yay for your last day! I love Martinique and I'd love to have a whole room of that blue and those reds. Love them!

Shelley dionne

Wow, now your life can really be taken over by quilting like the rest of us! LOL! Just kidding, raising my cup of Joe to celebrate with you! Add the always need the color you think you DON"T need.


Congrats on your new adventure - it sounds like a lot of fun!

call me crazy

Congratulations on your last day! Lovely fabrics!~ I'd leave a little pink in. ;-) Happy stitchin!


Congratulations on your last day!!! I think a drink at your 5:30 will require me to have it for breakfast so I'll let you do the toasting! There's a lot of pink there as it is so it wouldn't hurt! Happy reinventing!!!


CONGRATS!!! on your last day, how wonderful! I love your fabrics and i'm all about pink, so i say keeps some pink!


Congratulations! Oh, the possibilities that lie before you! And I am excited for us, too, because you will have even more wonderful projects to share and inspire us. Wishing you much joy as this new chapter starts.


I forgot to mention....I think some pink would be nice.


CHEERS! Congrats on new beginnings! The end of one thing - the beginnings of so many new roads to follow. Love the Crazy Old Ladies pattern and think it would be beautiful with the Martinique, even a touch of pink in there. Yet another pattern I want to make! I think I have to stop reading your blog because I have too many virtual UFOs I want to make. ;) Enjoy your day.


I vote no pink. I think it makes the quilt sort of fade away. And congrats on the last day of work! I am dreaming about that constantly as I find less and less time for me.

Lisa D.

Yahoo! Happy last day of work (lifting my virtual beverage to you)!


I love that Maison Bleu pattern. It's so different.

And yahoo! for your last day of work! Bottoms up!

Helen in Switzerland

Hi Nicole, just a word of warning - I just finished a quilt top using Martinique. the coloring was tricky, it how can I say this politely....a little bland. The red spices it up, but is also very dominant, so I had to be super careful how I placed it. I had the jelly roll, so i was constrained by that and made on of the quilts in one of Pam and Nicky Lintott's books. Did I love it at the end....mmm not sure. maybe it will grow on me when it's quilted!
Congratulations on your last day of work - 5.30 your time is the middle of the night here - so I shall drink a glass of champagne to you in my sleep!!!
Best wishes - and did i tll you that i love your blog and read it every day!

Sally Williams

Yea! More time to quilt and I love pink. I also have the Martinique. I'm making the quilt in the flyer that came with the fabric. The one with an applique flower in the middle. That way I didn't have to spend any time trying to come up with a pattern.

Miss Jean

I'll toast you with my cup of tea at 5:30 today, pst! I'm looking forward to even more quilt pictures from you.

Congrtulations! Retirement IS what it's all cracked up to be!!

Cathy Burk

I've not commented before, but I have lurked on your blog for a while and I must say you are one of the most prolific and talented people I "know." I love this pattern and as I looked at it I tried to imagine it without the pink. I think the quilt would "miss" it if it were gone. Just a bit of pink might be your "sparkle." I think the border you picked will be perfect. Have a lovely last day of work and enjoy all the quilting days ahead! Thank you for the inspiration!


Hi Nicole, first off congratulations on your last day of work!!! I've been retired for almost two years now and have never looked back. You'll be amazed at how quickly time goes by and ask yourself how you managed when you were working. Love the fabric and I do think that a bit of pink would not be amiss. A glass will definitely be raised to your future - enjoy.

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