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April 19, 2010



I can't wait to see what people suggest. I've been a bit stumped on what to do with this line. But I love it!


I've been playing with that fabric line and have nearly finished a quilt top.
I used two charm packs plus some extra bits and pieces... the cutting of the three charm pieces of toile fabric were a little unfortunate (see my blog for why!!)
But the colours are so gorgeous..just love them. I look forward to seeing what you make from them.

Shelley dionne

Oh, I'm drooling over your fabric. Yes, I know, I should use my manners! Have fun with those!


Brand New Day would be fantastic- the fabric at the top of the layer cake would look wonderful in the alternate diamonds! On another note- I got so inspired by your giveaway that when the FQS announced a sale on Blessings I bought 4 honeybuns and I AM going to make that log cabin!


Oh wow Nicole I am drooling. And hey, my anniversary is on Bastille Day! What an incredible thing that would be, huh?? I love the French General line.

Karen Beigh

I want to work for your benefactress too!


LOVE the toile! I collect toile yardage, but I can't find any site selling pieces larger than a fat quarter. Guess I should order some FQs before the entire line is sold out!


I won some of this line from Kelly at Charming Chatter and am using it to make the Jelly roll Sampler. I love the reds and blues!

Mary Flynn

It is a beautiful line and I bet you work your magic and make something for us bloggets to see and drool over!

Denise in PA

Aahhhh, it is so beautiful. I will have to admire it from afar as my collection that I preordered in March is on BACKORDER from Hancocks. How can it be on backorder - it just came out ?!?! Sigh...I'll just drool over your photos.

Happy Anniversary by the way!

Sandy (Strlady)

I really love that main fabric and the reds and blues are just so wonderful... my only issue with the line is the same reason you love it. So many lights. I find that there are just more lights than med/darks. Finding some design that won't need a contrast in value is difficult so I'm curious to see what you are going to do with it. I think I will want some pieces in this line but I can't see myself buying a bundle. I have the same problem with most of Fig Tree lines. I love love love their individual pieces but the line as a whole always has sooo many lights. Am I just not creative enough? Enjoy your treat!


No suggestions for the fabric, but it sure is pretty. I could definitely work for fabric :-).


Love these fact everything French General, I heart...but you're's hard to decide what to do with them. My Rouenneries bundle is still untouched...I'm sure I'll combine it with Rural Jardin...but what...I'll be back to read the suggestions!

call me crazy

I love your fabrics! How neat to work for fabric! I envy you that job! :-)) I have a thing for red/white toile. I've made a few quilts and have used it for backings and pillow cases. Maybe a simpler pattern to show off your great prints~ a star, churn dash etc. Have fun!


Love all the symbolism in the toile piece you pictured. They are all just gorgeous.


Oh my gosh, I just bought the FQ bundle of this and lots of yardage. I love this fabric! I am going to make the Miss Rosie pattern Stella Blue with it, I think you’ve already made that quilt… but I haven’t yet and I keep wanting too, I think these fabrics will look great with that pattern. I am sure you’ll find a great pattern for them. Have fun!


I broke down and bought the above collection.....only ......I bought two packs of the squares to hand applique the pattern Romance in Bloom by Verna Mosquera. Looking at the toile I have decided that will be my backing and the scalloped border. Thank you.........

Helen in Switzerland

Wow, that fabric is just gorgeous! I can't wait to see what you do with it!

Miss Jean

I just bought some charm packs of this fabric. I didn't want to buy lots of yardage without having a plan. I can do a disappearing nine patch and then get some yardage for the border and back (toile for sure).

Bunny Hill has a great basket pattern called Market Morning that is fat quarter friendly. You might try that one.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

I love that collection too.


That collection is breath-takingly stunning! I am sure you will come up with something fantastic - as you always do. You are such an inspiration in your works of art.


oh Nicole I am in love with that fabric
I dont know what you should make but I am sure that whatever you do it will be amazing
hugs Beth

Magnolia Bay Quilts

Beautiful! I love red and blue together, and the light fabrics are yummy! Thanks for sharing the pictures.


Ok, that is just a leaning tower of gorgeous!

Sandy E

I like the Brand New Day pattern you have picked out and am anxious to see the results with this fabric line. Planning the project is half the fun.

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