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April 14, 2010


paulettte Doyle

Gorgeous!! LOVE this quilt!!
Take care!~

Mary on Lake Pulaski

That quilt is going to be awesome Nicole - the perfect fabric with the perfect pattern!!


What an adorable basket quilt. I love your blocks so far!!!


I really love basket quilts. It is one of many on my wish to make list.

Melissa C

Really cute baskets and just proves that I really need to grab some of this fabric.

Nancy, Near Philadelphia

Eager to see this one evolve, Nicole. As you may remember, your early posting of this project was the inspiration for my "Going Rouge"

which I'll retrieve from the machine quilter in mid-August.

Sandy (Strlady)

I will admire from afar and cheer you on. I'm still not over the Picnic Schnibble. Love the look but hate the frustrated piecing. How do you keep the points in the proper direction?

 Nancy in WI

I can't believe all the work you are getting done! You're right, those baskets are "ridiculously cute" and I love them! Nancy in WI


I used Simple Abundance on a quilt thinking- yeah thats nice! I've since fallen in love with it and your quilt is going to be gorgeous! You sound positively radiant these days and it shows! Can't wait for the surprise!

Lisa D.

I can't think of anything better than getting to spend more time sewing! Love your Ridiculously Cute Baskets.


Love these baskets...glad I'm not the only one who skips around from project to project!

call me crazy

Very cute baskets! I loved doing them for the Picnic Schnibble and switching fabrics around. :-) Your quilt is going to be gorgeous~ I love the background dots! Happy stitchin'!


Nicole, those are the cutest little Spring baskets! It reminds me a lot of the picnic Schnibbles. You're going to get so much done now that you're about to finish working and move into your sewing room. I can't wait to hear about all the silly antics when Sophie and Ozzie are back under the same room. Stealing fabric, running off with quilt tops...

Sinta Renee

You ARE a maniac! Love the baskets... they are ridiculously cute! It's ok to drift to another project/it keeps your creativity fluid:) Beautiful work Nicole!


I recently bought that pattern myself. Basket blocks are forever charming--yours look great! How nice to "try out" spending a lot of time in the sewing room :)

Only 3 more workdays, yeah?


I'm not a fan of basket quilts, but I'm sure yours will be gorgeous. I like the alternate block on this pattern.

Ann Christensen

LOVE this. LOVE Simple Abundance. I am curious is you square and complete each block as you go or do you finalize blocks at the end of your projects? And pressing - steam or no steam? Your blocks are amazing and square and flat and perfect! Trying to get better myself and I hear Ms. Rosie is a great challenge. How do the pros do it. Sew a bunch - then press - then square - or finalize a block with each step? I will take anyones advice here.

Loris Mills

Great time organization! And such lovely work!


Beautiful blocks Nicole and you definetly have your Mojo working for ya. Just think what you will accomplish when there is no timeclock to punch ;)


I love the basket blocks! You are using your time wisely :)


Yep! Ridiculously cute! Really, your blocks are very pretty. Great way to manicure that stash!

a good yarn

Ooooohhhh! I have been waiting for these. They are just as I had imagined - delightful!


Nicole your basket quilt is going to be beautiful I hope to make myself one someday it is on the list along with a few other things LOL
hugs beth

Denise in PA

These blocks ARE ridiculously cute - I just love that fabric!


Love your baskets...but wonder what you're using for your background fabric? I've been looking for something just like that. Please tell! Thanks so much!

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