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April 18, 2010


Rebecca Ball

That happened to me when trying to recover my big board. The wood is too hard for the strength of the staple gun, or the person trying to hold it tight to the board. We took mine downstairs to DH's workshop and used the air staple gun. Worked very well. I think we are just not strong enough.

Jill in Ohio

I don't know about the staple gun, but I have that same iron and I just love it!! :)


I don't know about the stapling problem, but I really like your cover! I need to do the same thing.


You need to push the tip of the staple gun down hard enough that it won't pop back on you when you squeeze the trigger. If necessary, use your other hand to hold the tip down so it doesn't bounce back. Check out this video:
It's good for a little laugh, too - a big burly guy explains how "dainty little ladies" need to put pressure on the staple gun.

Cathy McMann

I had the same problem when making a window treatment so am interested in the responses here. For a big job, I might buy on electric staple gun.

Account Deleted

From your picture it looks like the wood is oak and if that is the case, then nothing is wrong with the stapler, the staples, or you. Oak is a very hard wood. My husband is a trim carpenter and I just told him about your story and he said if you are not using an air stapler, you would have to resort to the hammer to drive the staples the rest of the way in. I didn't want you throwing out a perfectly good stapler or staples. Good luck with your other upholstery project!


The wood is probably just too hard - shorter staples would have worked better. I've had the sample problem with my big board and my small table top board.

BTW, my husband says the same thing about my blogging friends - I feel very blessed.


I have read all the comments with great interest because I have also had the same problem. Sounds like we are not weaklings, but just buy strong wood! Love the fabric on the ironing board - and Happy Anniversary!

Miss Jean

Not sure about the staple gun. But that iron looks amazing! What type is it. You might want to do a post on it.


Happy Anniversary your new cover look good
blogging friends are amazing
hugs Beth


As another person said- the wood is probably very hard and or old. just use a hammer to finishe driving the staples in. Lover your board cover! Janet in NY


I used to have this problem with the same kind of staple gun you used but now I have an elecric one and it is so much easier and works better. Happy Anniversary!


If you're going to be doing a lot of stapling, an electric stapler is your friend. Otherwise, pounding in the recalcitrant ones is your only option. Those electric staplers are probably $40 ish, I'm thinking? Worth it to save your hands and time prolly, tho.

Blogging friends are great :), I agree!


It is so great to make new friends through blogging - I love the little glimpses into fellow quilters' lives! I use my staple gun a lot and found if I push down hard and use my weight on the tip they usually go in. And try using the smallest staples that will hold - 3/8" may have worked. The result is fabulous though!


Happy Anniversary to you and your husband!!

Yes, blogging friends are great! :)


And our life if fuller for having you in our blogging lives. Happy Anniversary to you both. Lovely job recovering the tabletop ironing board.


Happy Anniversary! I love all the quilts you make and put them on my wish list.


I had that problem because my hands and wrists are weak. So I went out and bought a power staple gun. Problem solved.

Allyson in Alaska

I have no helpful advice regarding the staple gun, but can I say, I just love that you used the word GRODY!

Happy Anniversary!


My teen does my stapling. He's a hulking boy!

Shelley dionne

Yes, you were not pushing down hard enough. It is tough to staple by hand, I can't do it. Do yourself and favor and rent an electric staple gun for doing the me on this!


OOOOO! I have that iron too. LOVE IT!! Not sure about your stapler issue but sounds like the hard wood is your issue.

Pam E.

I just recently recovered my tabletop ironing board too. My husband helped by stapling the new fabric and had the same problem. He used a hammer to finish pushing those staples into the board. Voila! New ironing board.

Lizzie Swinney

MOrning, might I suggerst you forget about the staples altogether and use upholstery tacks. They are very sharp, and quiet easy to use with a nice simple hammer. They will stay in and do a good job and it is cheaper in the long run. Lizzie

Loris Mills

Great video posted above by Sandy. Love your new ironing board look! Would love to hear about the iron too :-)

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