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April 28, 2010


Linda F.

Love the paw prints! I can't think of any book I'd like, but you're so sweet to offer. I do have a question though. Are those your quilt blocks (blue log cabin) in your header? If so, what are you planning on doing with them? I'd love to see the quilt those are going into. Thanks for your blog...I enjoy reading it!


Hi Nicole,
why don't you see it from this point of view: Sophie will leave a permanent impression in your old house ;o) - and as long the tiles conceal it no harm is done...
I have to admit, I love your collection of books - it would be a perfectly spent afternoon "digging" through them all...
Hmmm...I try to expand my humble collection on a monthly basis (at the moment I try to hunt down one of Marsha McCloskey's Feathered Star books. They're not that easily to find here where I live...). But I already have some books I easily can part with - it's the risk of online buying, you seldom can look inside and see whether it suits you or not...
Have fun with Big Madeline,

Sue Kantor

'Morning Nicole,
If you have a book with an Irish or Double Irish Chain, I'd love to have it. I am still very new at quilting and think this one would be doable for me. Give a shout and I will be more than happy to cover postage.

Happy Packing!!!

Beth Aalberts

Wow, you do have some books! Who am I to talk though, between my quilting and knitting books I probably have just as many.


I think of them as treasures. As more and more are going to CD's and information on-line I like my books. I can't thumb through a disc on a cold rainy night with a cup of hot chocolate and flip back and forth. I have books I haven't seen in years either, however, they are history. Good luck in you new home.


So glad the tile will cover the little footprints. Isn't that how it always happens :-) You have a very handsome book collection. I've been on the look out for "Prairie Children and Their Quilts" by Kathleen Tracy. Also been looking for quilt books on making Miniature quilts. I love Civil War fabrics and would love to make something along those lines. Have fun packing. When do you move?


Nicole . . .

I know what you're going through with the sorting & packing . . . but the new sewing room is going to be so worth is all . . .

we're going through all of my mother's things now . . . getting her house ready to sell . . . they have told us she will not be going home . . .

about the books . . . if you have anything on English Paper Piecing . . . I would love it . . . the Kansas City Star newspaper published a book about EPP several years ago . . . that is out of print . . . and I haven't been able to track one down . . .

good luck with all you're involved in right now . . .

Kris Bair

Sounds like fun times at your house! And Sophie just wanted to leave a little of herself

Do you have any Kansas Trouble Quilters books? I love them.....

Have a great day


I'm impressed with the way you have your books controlled. I have at least that many (and probably alot more) all over the basement.

Can't think of any that I would be looking for. . .but there are several Yahoo Groups on which you could sell them, if you were so inclined to do so.

The other option would be to donate them to your local library. . . they may not put them on the shelves but if they run book sales they could use them there.

I've done that with many boxes of books (not just the quilting ones either) that I have collected --- being an avid reader means a large book collection.

However, due to the economy I find that I am having much more fun taking the books out of the library. . . less accumulation in my house.

Good luck with the packing, renovation & move.

Sandy (Strlady)

Your Flying Geese look wonderful. I loved my Madeline Schnibble and never thought of making a big girl one, so I am loving the process. It's like your own version of Schnibbles times two! I was chuckling over your cemented paw prints. It reminded me of when my dad was building our house in Puerto Rico. Every time there was wet cement us kids would be ready to leave our mark.
About all that fabric you are wondering if you really need... I'll send you my address so you will know where to ship! lol! I recently went through my (much smaller) book collection and pulled out those books that kept me asking why did I ever buy you? I packed them up and gave them to my guild's library. That way if there was a remote chance that I wanted to use it, I could just check it out. They were in great condition and the library could use them. I have a problem donating these types of books to the public library because they would just sell them for a quarter next time they have a book sale, even if the library doesn't have the title. The guild loved recieving them and I was happy to share.

Kathy J

Moving definitely is a lot of work but will be worth all your efforts! Would you be willing to part with Log Cabin Fever by Evelyn Sloppy? I'd gladly pay postage. I'm regretting not buying a Madeline kit when they were available, too! Your little geese are beautiful. Can hardly wait to see the finished quilt!


Ugh. Moving. I'm looking for Kaffe Fassett's Caravan of Quilts - and I'd be more than willing to pay for it and the postage.

I can hardly wait to see the after pictures! Don't forget to show up.


Good thing you retired, managing all these home improvements is a full time job, especially with Sophie's help.

I'm so glad you're squeezing in some sewing time on Big Madeline, (I started to use acronyms, but that won't work in this case), it will keep you sane. Good luck with the sawtooth blocks.

I'm LOVING the looks of this quilt. I think I'm going to have to do this one!

I agree, move the fabric, you don't need to make any decisions until you get to your new space.


In the past 18 months I have moved twice. I have a suggestion for your sewing room. As you are putting your fabrics in the boxes, since you don't feel like getting rid of any now, sort them. Not any major decisions just a box for "Love It" and "Like it". If you are like me you will have less in the "like it" pile but at least it is a start. Since you have to touch each piece of fabric to pack it anyway this kind of gets you thinking about it all. I actually did a major sort through when I moved the first time and took every piece of fabric and folded it and packed it by color (even the FQs). It sure made the move in much easier.

call me crazy

Setting up the new sewing room will be so worth the hassle of packing now. ;-) ~at least I hope it is because I'll be in your shoes later in the year! ;-) LOL Love the geese all lined up~ its going to be a beautiful quilt!

Miss Jean

My quilting group meets once a month to make Scap Happy quilts. I go to sew on my other projects because I don't do scrappy - it is impossible for me to be comfortable with random. Anyway, I have started taking fabric that I know I will never use as my "entrance fee". That way it helps me pare down my stash, and it helps them to get more variety in their scrappy projects. One of the gals cuts my donations into squares and strips and they all share. Win win situation!


Hi Nicole, Any book by Evelyn Sloppy Or Judy Martin would be a great addition to my library! Good luck with the packing, renovating and the doggy!


Hi Nicole,
Have you thought of selling your books on e-bay? Perhaps in combo's of three or four, or so? Might be something to do with all your "free time" after you move and settle in. :) All together, you might receive enough $$ to splurge on fabrics of your choice. Or new pattern books. The customer would pay for shipping, it would just be your time bundling them up for mail and sending off. Which, if you had all your supplies it might not be a big hassle. Just some ideas that came floating across my head. :) I purchase off e bay every now and again. It works well for me every time!!
Last night I showed my husband your clock picture. He smiled, and said " I remember that one". He went over to our clock and pulled the 28 year old catalog down off the top of our clock. There, in his hands, as big as could be, was a picture of YOUR clock with just a little modification. ( It looked like maybe you had a "custom" plan. The top and bottom of your clock was different than the picture). Anyway, thought you might get a chuckle out of that. I did.
Beverly in WA

Betty Meyer

I have Prairie Children and Their Quilts which I bought new within the past two years. It has my name in the front cover. I would gladly sell it to Jocyeln but couldn't find a blog for her. I know this isn't a soliciting blog, but Nicole, if you want to, you can forward her my email. Betty.

Barbara Anne

Awwwwwwwww...paw prints tucked under the tile. Sweet!

I'm amazed that you can sew with all of the chaos of home reno and moving around you. My hat's off to you!

The library here has happily taken many of my extra quilting books. My new-quilter MIL gets first dibs but, you're right, I haven't missed the ones that are gone.

I've been quilting for 17 years, but am about to use some of the delicious pansy fabric that Marcus Bros. has made in different colorways over the years. I've decided on a Single Irish Chain quilt to showcase the pansies best.

I have advance sewing room envy of the room that awaits you!



Wow, three big boxes and not a dent yet? I have seen your garage photos...but you're probably not thinking about that part of the stash yet, LOL!

Nan S.

Nicole, I don't know if any of the posters ever go back to the previous day's comments, but a couple of people yesterday were looking for Evelyn Sloppy books, specifically "Log Cabin Fever." Martingale Publishing has that one available as a digital download for about $11. I downloaded it last year. You just leave it on your computer as a download and/or print out the pages you want.

Kathy J and Audrey are both blogless (like me), so I thought I'd post that info here. By the way, I'm loving your large version of Madeline. It's stunning.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

You amaze me that you can sew while men are tromping through the house and banging on things. I'm such a one-thing-at-a-time person. That quilt's going to be so pretty.


I have sold a lot of books through Marketplace. Setting up an account is easy and some of the out of print books can bring very good prices. I love having $$ to spend on the "stash" rather than never used books!

I love your blog and read it faithfully. I love Sophie's antics and they remind me of the Schnauzer and Wire Fox Terrier that I had in the past. Just can't beat those terriers for mischief.

I have been quilting off and on for about 35 years. It is off lately as my Bernina is acting up but you are inspiring me none the less.

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