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April 29, 2010



The blocks are so beautiful! Nothing like being holed up in the sewing room to get some work done.


Your blocks are looking great! I really love that fabric line.

Gives a whole other meaning to peeing in the shower!

Nancy, Near Philadelphia

So pretty.

Mary Flynn

Madeline all grown it!


I have to finish Elizabeth before I start another!! I'm off work today and I'm so tempted to start something a grown up Madeline!


OH it looks lovely! I can't wait to see the finished thing.
Poor Sophie..I can only imagine. My pups are upset if they're locked up for a few hours.


This is so beautiful. I always love seeing what you make.


looks great. the best thing about renos is that you don't have to clean while the work is being done...more time for sewing!

Paulette Doyle

Madeline is looking gorgeous!! Just stay in the sewing room and turn the music up! Happy stitching!

Jayne Honnold

I have a healthy stash of Rouenneries (sp?) and I just haven't found the "right" idea for it yet. Your big 12" stars are looking mighty good - maybe I'm closer than I think to cutting into that stash! Great look - the stars, not the bathroom!! lol



I have a baby Madeline to make in those exact fabrics. Now I want a jumbo one too!

You could really multi task in that bathroom. LOL

 Nancy in WI

It's looking great Nicole! Poor little Sophie......soon she will have the run of the house again. Nancy in WI

call me crazy

Beautiful! Sorry Sophie is having such a hard time~ watch your rear end! ;-)

Cathy McMann

I'm loving that Big Madeline! I might have to do something similar with my bundle of Rural Jardin.


Poor, Poor Sophie...your big Madeline is just beautiful! Love it!

Shelley dionne

Oh Nicole! I want it I want it I want it!LOL! So much red! Love it!


Very pretty!

Mary on Lake Pulaski

So, so pretty Nicole!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

THe idea (first photo) is interesting. It would save time.

Wendy P

The tile looks great. The toilet in the shower could be handy if you are in a rush, I guess. LOL

I think a lot of us are thinking "Madeleine Grows Up" is a better title for your WIP. Big Madeleine sounds like a woman who could put a hurt on you!


this is going to be a gorgeous quilt!!! i'm also stash-piling (oh, that's a good new word!) the french general fabrics but i don't think i have enuf reds like you do (because of course i want to copy it!)


Beautiful! I so love that line of fabrics! :o)

Miss Jean

That makes me want to run right out and get more Rounerries fabric. Big Madeline is going to be beautiful.

Toilet in the shower. Now why didn't I think of that....


Oh wow, you're making such quick progress. Loud, obnoxious, banging men should be tearing your house up every week. You get lots done when you're holed up in your sewing room taking refuge.

Sophie sounds like she's a wreck. I can only imagine her, warily eyeing those men, with all their boards, thinking of ways she can destroy them. Or at the very least, chew up their jackhammer cords and quiet the place down. Bless her heart.


I had to laugh at the sight of the toilet in the shower--thinking for a split second that this was intentional, then it hit me. We are getting bids for our bathroom remodel and I'm scared spitless. Knowing that you were able to still put together some beautiful blocks allows me to press forward with a little less fear. Great post!

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