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May 03, 2010



Madeline looks great with that border, thats what I am using for Elizabeth.
Interesting pics of peoples households...I wonder what mine would look like I'd surly have to add my sewing machines and Longarm :)


Grown up Madeline is stunning! I can never get enough Rouenneries, and that is a great pattern choice to show it off!


Madeline is so beautiful! I never get tired of seeing Rouenneries made up in to quilts and projects. Sigh of bliss. It's awesome that you're able to get so much done in the midst of all that chaos!


Oh Nicole it's gorgeous!! Oh I wish, Iwish LOL.
Good luck with the carpet, can't imagine how crowded it must be! Poor Sophie is probably so confused.


Hi Nicole, I totally relate to your feeling overwhelmed by the displaced possessions having just gone through the same exercise. In fact I still have to get all of my books into their shelves in my office/sewing room. All in all it was worth the bother, the only thing left to be painted now is the master bedroom and a powder room - WHEW.
I can't imagine moving all our possessions outside - we have way way too much.
The quilt turned out beautifully - you are amazing - being able to turn out such a masterpiece despite the chaos all around you.


I just love your Madeline- such beautiful colours! Hope you can get some sewing done today amidst the chaos.

Denise in PA

Madeline is beautiful! I need more Rouenneries!!


My kitchen table was my sewing room for a couple of years. Just think how much you will enjoy your new space. Love your new quilt.

Elaine Adair

I had to look up "detritus"! LOL

Your 'stuff' looks pretty good, especially after the family 'stuff' who had the 2 beds! Love that Madeline quilt.

Phew - it will be a relief whe all the work
is DONE!


You are so funny! I can definitely relate to the feeling of owning way too much furniture...

Madeline looks very grown up. She's a beauty! Can't wait to see what her quilted self looks like :)

Julie in WA

Oh, I can't tell you how much I love love love your blog! I stop by every day to see what you are up to, and today you made me laugh! Material World is an amazing book; quilters would never be able to live as simply as many people do!

Madeline is gorgeous!

Loris Mills

How interesting to see the international families with their stuff! And the Reeds from Salinas are working hard moving their's around :-) With all the work you are doing and with beautiful Madeline to display, your house is going to sell quickly! I use to drive from Cambria to Salinas to work at Salinas Memorial. It was a great place to work. Crazy to drive that far but for a season (3 1/2 yrs) it was definitely worth it.

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Oh Madeline, you are SO beautiful!!


It's gorgeous! I love it! Madeline is such a lovely grown-up!

I've seen the Material World book and it's an incredibly enlightening experiment. But I have to tell you that the pictures also make me feel more than a little embarassed, and even a bit ashamed. The contents of my sewing room alone would have taken up an entire two-car garage... with no space leftover and quite a bit of cramming things in. :)


I have to find that Material World book...what an interesting historical look at life as it is where it is...thanks for the shout out on this, just right up my alley as far as interesting things to read, don't you think? The quilt is gorgeous and I can't even imagine you in that kitchen working away like that on your craft! Fun to see it all going on.


Madeline is absolutely gorgeous! I may have to look into having her live at my place too.

Four years ago we didn't have much more than what our RV could hold as we sold the house and gave away everything inside. Then we had to quit fulltiime RVing after 20 months to come home and care for my mom. Now we have a housefull again!

Barbara Anne

Lovely Madeline!

Hang in there, the end is in sight! You're amazing to be able to be creative and focused as your household is in chaos. Oh, and did I mention accurate in your cutting and piecing???



Beautiful quilt.
I love the colors.
I know what you mean about having to pack up and move everything. We did that when we remodeled the kitchen, dining room and living room. No fun living out of boxes and cooking in the garage.


You are absolutely amazing that you can sail through all of this tremendous upheavel in your house and continure to churn out your beautiful quilts. Do you think you might end up wanting to stay in your lovely house/home when you have finished doing all of these wonderful things with it? I sure hope it will sell fast so you can't give that another thought. Good Luck for a fast sell.


Hi Nicole,
I'm fascinated by how much you're doing before you sell your house. Is it normal to spend so much in the US. Over here in the UK people may put a lick of paint up if needed, have a tidy round etc, but unless it was really in desperate need of change and affecting sales the house would just go on the market. I can't imagine people here spending all that money on carpets, flooring etc as most people here then rip it all out when they move in and do all the decorating then. Our old neighbours moved out in the evening and the new people had builders in at 7.30 the next morning - they've been working on it for a month now. When we moved into our house they hadn't even hoovered or cleaned and took the lightbulbs with them!!!! What is the norm for buying and selling houses over there? Debbs

Christine Thomas

I think I like that Grown-up Madeline. I think it's the fabric/color combo that is doing it for me. I'm not wild on points but I think I will make an exception.

Good luck on the house sale.


Hello Nicole,

I heart your blog for more than a year now and this is my first time posting here :-) All the quilts you made are great inspirations for a new quilter like me. I admire them all and wish that I can make a fraction of them one day. I am in search of a 'proper' sewing table, like the kind you have. I have mine on a IKEA table and every time after 2 hours of sewing, I start to have neck and shoulder pain. The one that Thelma has is way too expensive for my budget. May I know the model of the table you have?


Wow, what a setup! Love the 9 patch quilt on your rack in the midst of the furniture and love the finished result of Madeline. Hope the carpeting goes quickly!

Lisa D.

Your Madeline quilt is beautiful! I don't know how you manage to get so much done amid the chaos all around you! Did Dennis love the floors? They look amazing!

Becky in Georgia

Whenever you get tired of "grown up Madeline", you can send it to me. I know the perfect place for it. :) Great job!

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