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May 05, 2010



I love your pairing of fabrics. I just don't have the eye for knowing what goes with what yet. Of course sometimes it is quite obvious, but you seem to be able to make fantastic color decisions. I hope this is a skill I will aquire in time.


You amaze me Nicole at how much you accomplish. Also love your colour choices. Are the blinds the last on the "to do list"?


I totally understand your feeling of being displaced when the house is out of order. We've been dealing with the after effects of a flooded basement for almost a month now and I am bonkers trying to get it back in order so I can quilt down there! My husband doesn't quite share my sense of urgency ;)


That block looks so pretty on your new carpet. I'm glad you fussy cut that center, that design is too pretty to be cut into little pieces!

I could not agree more about combining Rouenneries and Rural Jardin, I think they look MAAAARVELOUS together.


I'm feeling your pain. We are in the midst of a 12 week renovation. I thought the basement where my sewing room is would be untouched, but they had to move everything and tear into the ceiling for about 3 weeks.
It was awful. They finally put my sewing room back together last Friday and I'm in heaven. I was able to clean up and rearrange the space. Now to get the first and second floors completed. I think we have about 6 more weeks. It will be great when it's all done, but it's definitely a pain to live through.


Nicole . . . I know what you mean about feeling crazy when doing a home project . . .

in 1989 we had the 2 rooms on the 2nd floor of our house totally taken off . . . then added a big addition of 5 rooms . . . the entire house was upside down . . .

the project was supposed to take 6 weeks . . . my husband took me away to Colorado for 2 of the weeks thinking that would help . . .

the project ended up taking 19 weeks !! we had beds in the livingroom . . . every room was bonkers . . . I hated it !!

I hope when you move you aren't going to have to do the new place over too . . . that would be awful for you . . .

I love your Madelaine and Elizabeth . . . the colors are terrific !!

Shelley dionne

Chin up Nicole! I sew in bursts too...several days of sewing madness then down time to recuperate! This is when you just sit and browse your patterns and fabric and go shopping for more patterns and fabric!LOL


I love your combinations...and yes, I too noticed that the Martinique fabric is just the perfect background for so many lines right now!

Miss Jean

I was at Bearpaws and Hollyhocks and the owner says she's getting lots more Rounneries in! Yay!!!


Your quilt is going to be gorgeous - as yours always are! And I totally understand how unmotivated one can be when everything around us is in disarray. I don't do well when things are in order and 'right' all around me. That's when I put my best efforts into sewing or whatever the task is.

Loris Mills

I'm definitely on and off with speed in projects. The only constant is that I'm always thinking about them :-)
With all that is going on in your home, I can't imagine getting anything done. You are ahead of the crowd in my opinion!

Paulette Doyle

Your blocks are lovely and I agree, the two fabrics go VERY well together!! This quilt is going to be gorgeous!!

Barbara Anne

Lovely star and fabrics!! This is my favorite quilt block of all but I prefer its other name, "Evening Star".

You know, your mention of using fabrics from another fabric line because they match nicely is so logical! My only quilting soapbox issue is that kits make matchy-matchy quilts. I want my quilts to be unique, so never buy more than 3 fabrics of any line. I have a nice stash, so use fabrics from that stash with the newly purchased fabrics. That's just me.



i'm mixing them for a quilt too! i think yours looks fab so far!

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