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June 11, 2010


Mary on Lake Pulaski

Love Elizabeth! She looks beautiful on your bed. And the quilt and quilting on Samurai Squares is wonderful.
I just had an issue with an online shop too, only they didn't charge, just emailed that they didn't have ANY of the the three yards indicated on their site. Frustrating after the time it takes, right?


I love your Elizabeth quilt and your Samurai Squares quilt. I can't wait to get started on my Elizabeth. Thank you for the inspiration.

Melissa C

I am in love with your Elizabeth and I would want to keep Samurai Squares also.

That is one reason I hate to try a new online store. You don't know whether to trust what they show or not.


I just don't know how you do it - you turn out such gorgeous quilts in such a short time frame - I've been working on the same table runner for months now. Oh well I can at least enjoy other people's work and dream of some day completing my first full sized quilt - I've got the pattern and fabric but am determined not to start until the runner is finished.


I adore your Elizabeth, you've really done amazing quilts with this line.


Two wonderful beauties, Nicole.


Both quilts look great. I really love the Samarai Squares. I've been wanting to make something in that color scheme, but never seem to get around to it.


Elizabeth is gorgeous! I can't wait to see what your quilter can do.

julie in the barn

Elizabeth is really beautiful. Sorry about your online purchase issue. I don't buy much online. My few purchases from Connecting Threads have been hassle free.

Dandelion Quilts

What a beautiful quilt. Is it for your house or a gift?

Sandy (Strlady)

Nicole, Elizabeth turned out Fabulous! I'm dreaming of starting mine... I have so much work! I have been working 12 hour days and then I try to squeeze in some family time. I miss my creativity. While I find my mojo I will live vicariously through your gorgeous creations!


Beautiful! Beautiful!


Elizabeth is just beautiful! I love the quilt for your niece too. The colors are stunning. Great Job!

Helen in Switzerland

Oh Nicole, Elizabeth is just the most beautiful quilt!!! It's a pattern I've wanted to make for ages, but now I know that if i do, it just won't match up. Your colour choices are GORGEOUS!!!!


Both are so striking in their own way. Your niece should be absolutely thrilled with Samurai Squares. I hope you get to see her face when she opens it :)

Websites apparently are not updated often at small shops! I guess that is a lesson to all of us that a phone call must be made to verify--obliterating the time savings of online ordering!


The quilts are beautiful. Will you please remind me who does the Elizabeth pattern? I've looked for it and haven't found it - I have a granddaughter named Elizabeth, and I think she needs that quilt. (I found the Schnibbles Madeline for my granddaughter Madeleine...)


two times "wow" `really very very nice!

Barbie Jo

Your quilt is just beautiful as all your work Nicole! I have to say I felt bad reading about Sarah's quilt shop. I visit their lovely shop when ever I go to Lawrence, which is often as my son attends KU there. We always have lunch and then he his happy to let me satisfy my fabric addiction after :)

Jan Smith

Wow! Can't wait to see Elizabeth quilted. It looks so soft and cozy in your bedroom. What a great pattern - I'd always wished I had made one. Guess it will go on the list!

carol fun

Elizabeth is just so beautiful. She is definitely on my list of quilts to make this summer. And your Samarai Squares are vey chic -- great fabrics and quilting. Thanks for sharing you always inspire me.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

I LOVE Elizabeth. So pretty. That's amazing about the fabric site. I don't think they should be operating a site.


Nicole, "Elizabeth" turned out beautifully!! You must be very, very happy with your effort! I'm sure your quilter will do a another beautiful job for you. Like you I have fallen in love with the "Samurai Squares" and yes it would be hard to give it away but as they say there is joy in giving. Congratulations!!


Love Elizabeth - and the black & white & raspberry - fabulous! I did a black and white and pink last year for my niece for it!

Thanks for the heads up about the quilt store issues - I am a newer quilter and just started buying online - have not bought much online - YET!

Wendy Currie

Nicole I love your Elizabeth, I have been so busy and distracted by a certain new man in my life I haven't quilted in a month! My day job is so in the way ;)


Elizabeth is gorgeous!!!!!! Of course so are all your other quilts!!! :) And I'm glad you got a resolution to your online shopping fiasco! I can't believe someone would be so deceptive and unfair!

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