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June 28, 2010



It looks gorgeous!!


Stunning, as usual!


What a success story! It's gorgeous and I'm so happy you love it like you do!

Barbara Anne

Lovely, lovely!!!!!!! Applause!!!!!

You may take a bow!!



It is so beautiful. What an incredible collaboration.


How beautiful! You've been awfully busy!!

Magnolia Bay Quilts

It's a beauty! I love the subtle colors and all the star blocks.




Your quilt turned out very lovely. Congratulations on another job well done.


Woo-Hoo! You are a real machine! I nca't believe how fast you got it together. It looks fantastic and I'm so glad it's out of the closet!!


great story behind this one! so glad that it worked out in the end.


you should be thrilled, it is amazing!

Sue Watters

So glad you finished and didn't relegate it to the UFO box- It is lovely.

Helen in Switzerland

Nicole it's just gorgeous! You are justified in taking a bow or a curtsey or whatever it is that spectacularly good quilters do!!! I certainly think that on is another keeper!!


I absolutely love this quilt. Stars are a favorite of mine and the use of the different-sized stars enhances this quilt's beauty. Can you tell me the sizes of the different blocks since this was apparently a collaboration quilt without printed pattern. Love it.


I love it! It's gorgeous! And perseverence paid off - with a little help from your friends. You always inspire me and I'm working on my sewing room/office - cleaning and sorting and tossing (papers) so I can get busy and sew again.


I'm so glad it turned out and that I could be of some help in the process. I'm looking for my copy of the magazine. If I can't find it, I may hit you up for a copy of the pattern!


You are a speed demon. That sure went together quickly! I love the asymmetrical borders. It gives it a real zing.


It's beautiful!

call me crazy

It is just lovely! I'm glad you stuck with it too! Now I want to find my magazine! LOL Have a happy day!

DebS in CA

It is absolutely beautiful. I'm glad you changed directions with it too.


Yuummmmmmyyyy! It is a very lovely pattern. I like the borders a lot too. Congrats!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

So pretty. Love your border.


I thought Madeline was going to be my favorite this year, or maybe, Moor is Moor, but now you've added another terrific candidate. Congratulations on the finish!


Oh,'s beautiful! I would LOVE to make this quilt. You did a fantastic job, as usual. I would love to be able to sit by your side and observe your techinique for such beautiful piecing, so quickly! You amaze me.

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