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June 30, 2010


Lisa Abbey

I enjoy your blog. I often need inspiration to get up and get quilting/rug hooking. thanks for your help in this process. It is hard(as you know) to squeeze it in with all the other things that need done after the 10 hour work day. It is so much fun though when you have a finished quilt. I loved the pics of your finished quilts for 2010. You have been busy. thanks lisa

Shelley dionne

Lovely lovely lovely Stargazers!


I just love this color combination! Makes me think of a spa(not that I've ever been to one!). Just beautiful!


I loved the first one and I love this quilt too . . . I actually found that I had that magazine so I am going to make it in Xmas fabrics I think . . .

about the wide backs . . . I make sure I buy a "good fabric name" . . . which luckily my shop sells . . . and I haven't had a problem with them . . . in fact, it was my quilter who put me onto them . . .

the shop is even selling batiks in wide backs now from the same line of batiks they sell for regular fabrics . . .

anyway . . . I haven't noticed any difference in the quality so hopefully you will be able to find them soon too . . .

Cindy Toliver

The first Stargazer was a knock-out, but the blues got me in the second. I am a new quilter and how you inspire me! Thank you! Do you think this pattern would do well with the William Morris fabrics? I am so unsure on how to put fabrics together, but if the stars showcased the Morris fabrics with a subtle background surrounding them, would it work? I would value your comments. Thanks, Cindy

Denise in PA

Beautiful! I have to admit - last night I rummaged through my (what seems like) 1 million+ magazines and found thie issues this quilt is in. It's on the "to-do" list now! o:)


The blue Stargazer has a totally different feel -- just as nice as the other, but softer somehow. I'm always blown away with how the same pattern can look so different using different fabrics.


I would love to meet Laura too. She must have a lot of fun picking fabrics! I like your second version as much as the first though it has a different feel because of the colors...nice!

Name Barbara Clarke

Wow. I thought I loved the first version, but the second is even better! I have the original "kit" from the magazine, but I haven't sewn it yet. You've inspired me to get going on that. I'm heading to Prairie Queens tomorrow to check it out - it sounds fabulous, and it is only minutes away from my son's house. Oh no! Another place to spend money on fabric. I'm going to check out their quilting services based on the beautiful results I've seen on your quilts. Thanks for your blog- I enjoy it so much.


Well done! I can't even begin to decide which one I like best!!

Patt Anderson

They are both great and it made you stretch alittle which is always good. You work so fast-do you sleep? My quilt store carries wide backings and we also have a quilting studio that carries 20-30 bolts of wide backings. Yes the quality is getting better. I do no use them because I like to have a more interesting back on my quilts, maybe I make an extra star and incorporate it into the back as a label, but yes I am fussy about my backing and do not use just anything. I love reading your blog each day you inspire me.
Patt in San Diego

Helen in Switzerland

Love the colour combination Nicole. It's restful and unusual! How on earth did you get that top put together so quickly? You must have been working night and day! Either that or the quilt fairies have been round at your house!


This would be the fraternal twin! To continue with the wide backs, they are of very good quality if you purchase that level of fabric. Just like regular yardage that you can buy at $3 or $10 fabric and they are different. I just loaded a back that is 116 x 200+ and it rolled up lovely. It just takes time and patiences(sp?) from the longarmer to get it right.


Beautiful! I am crying because I gave away so many of my "older" APG mags, and this one is not in my stash. What a beautiful pattern!

Sandy (Strlady)

I loved the original but I honestly must say this one is a dream. I love that way the colors make it so relaxing. The blue background is softer than the first which makes the stars just pop! I really really love this version.

On the backing fabric I couldn't chime in before but I love using Flannel because of the weight it adds to the quilt. When I don't use the flannel I try to get fabric that is quilting quality (interpret as good quality from quilt store) but is 108".
I love that Moda is making wide fabric for many of their new lines so it has made finding good quality coordinating fabrics much easier. I have never found the fabric off grain but I have had quilt shops completely kill the cut. When I get home the edge looks like it has been hacked off with a garden clipper. I just rip the cut edge off to make sure I'm aligning on grain. I do try to make sure the back is appealing but I don't tend to design my back. If I have to piece the back I might add some blocks from the front so that the pieced seam is not as obvious but typically, when the top is done, I'm working to get the piece out to the quilter and don't want to delay it more by making the back all fancy.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

You are amazing, Nicole. Both of your Stargazer quilts are gorgeous.

Loris Mills

Oh my, this is beautiful! I love the soft blend of these colors. Don't be surprised if another quilt mag called and offered you a job just like Laura's! She has some wonderful design skills and you outdid yourself here with this quilt :-)
As to wide backings...I have found the quality to be less than the usual width ones but I think the fabric makers are improving it as they find a growing market for them. If there isn't one that complements the quilt I am making though, I'm would still go for regular width fabric that goes with the quilt top.
And again..this quilt top here is beeeutiful!

Pesky Patti

I love this quilt. It is so soothing. Almost looks like it could rise up and float!

Barbara Anne

Lovely!!! I love the other Stargazer but this one has such beautiful colors that it's every bit as wonderful!

Once again your a speed-angel in piecing and in putting the blocks together. Your sewing machine must be exhausted and panting at the end of your sewing days! Can you tell that I am astonished that this quilt top is already completed?

Applause for a job well and quickly done!



Oh another beauty, Nicole.


Oh, equally lovely in this colorway! I agree, Laura Boehnke has a great job. I have an OLD AP&Q mag from 1995 that has a picture of her with her 3 little boys. They are all young men now, meaning she must have more time than ever to quilt!

It was interesting to read what everyone does with quilt backs. Many good ideas out there!


I thought the first one was wonderful - but this one is my favorite! Maybe because I love the blue tones so much. I'm glad you made this one up and didn't put the blocks away for another time. What fun to have both of them!


I really like this stargazer better because of the soft blues. The first is also very pretty. I have found that the wide backings from Moda are good. I was advised to prewash them- even when I don't prewash anything else because the weave is slightly looser. I have done that with good luck.


I contacted Homestead Hearth and learned that they have a lot of magazines in stock with this pattern. Sarah was delighted that I explained the sudden increase in requests for this pattern, and asked for your blog address, which I happily provided!

Rebecca Woods

I love this Stargazer version better then your first. Although the first one was gorgeous too. I cant comment on backings unfortunately because I am sad to say I havent actually totally finished many quilts because of the cost of fabric over here in Aust. Lots of quilt tops though :-). I am hoping to finish a couple this year. Fingers crossed I dont have long to go.

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