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June 29, 2010


Mary Jane

I like to coordinate my backings with the some of the same fabric I used on the front. Depending on the quilt I will sometimes piece the back with the leftovers, adding a few extra blocks or I may just use one fabric. On the last baby quilt I did I used a striped fabric and in the center of the backing I inserted a panel of the striped fabric running in the opposite direction. Each quilt "tells" me how to handle the back, so I am never bored and each quilt is different. Yes, it can get expensive but I think it is important to have the look I want.


I have found www.thousandsofbolts
great for wide backs. I find it a bit difficult to cope with the joins now so when I can get widebacks at a good price I do.
I have certainly changed my attitude to the backings on quilts from when I began. They are now as important as the front.
I have a lovely blue fabric packed ready to take with my Christmas Blues to be quilted.

Donna DuMouchel

I'm to the stage in my quilting where I basically make a totally separate quilt for the backing. It will have wider borders so my quilter can get it centered more easily. I try to use a border fabric for the back that will coordinately nicely with the binding used, but other than that the fabrics don't necessarily relate to one another at all. For example, I may use Christmas colors on one side and fall colors on the other. or sometimes it's just a collection of, say, blue 10 inch squares. My kids always turn the quilts over to see what's on the back!

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