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June 09, 2010



Many years ago I was a Mary Kay consultant and the director would aways tell us if a customer had a great exerience they would tell their friends, if they had a bad experience they would tell at least 20 people.


How frustrating for you. Very poor business on the shop owners part. A happy customer comes back..

tracey petersen

You quilt is lovely. That service is not so lovely...


Oh I'm sorry to hear a bad review of Sarah's Fabrics in Lawrence. It's a great shop, if you have a lot of time to browse and don't mind some disorganization.
I do think the shop owner was completely wrong in how she treated you though. I manage a retail store and while I don't think the customer is "always right", we know how to make them feel like they are :o)
btw...the clerks at Sarah's aren't always friendly in person and that bothers me!


I just had a similar occurrence.. I asked a shop to order a pattern for a class I was taking at their shop. I gave them 2 1/2 weeks notice to order it. When I called last Saturday (class is tomorrow) they told me they ordered it the day before. WHAT? No explanation,just we will call you when the pattern comes in. It finally came in yesterday, so I have to make two 60 mile round trips in the same week... When I went in yesterday to get the pattern, I was all set to NOT buy any fabric, but to use some fq's out of my stash... THEN.. she said she was sorry and gave me a 30% discount on the pattern and the fq's I picked out. THAT was worth the drive..
I also think the smaller the business the more customer service needs to be in place..

Nancy, Near Philadelphia

A bad experience, Nicole, and sorry you had it. But glad you posted about it -- many of us don't think twice about ordering fabric on line, even from places we've not used before. So it's good to hear about Sarah's Fabrics in Lawrence, Kansas, and know not to go there.


I'm with Nancy, Near Philadelphia. I appreciate knowing the name of the business so that I can avoid such a mishap myself. It is almost unbelievable that you were treated so badly Nicole. What in the world could that business owner have been thinking? Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt top though!


I do a lot of ordering online as well. About two months ago, I ordered a pattern from Sentimental Stitches and still have not received it. I've made numerous attempts to email and call the owner but she never responded. What I can't understand is that she gives out free patterns on her website, but when she has a paying customer, she ignores you. I can understand your frustration and am glad that you were able to resolve yours.

Maria Stahl

Nicole, dispute the credit card charge right now.


Nope she is totally off in this one, and I am someone who can almost ALWAYS find another side of an argument. I'd have been royally peeved.
I've started to have worse experiences online now then I ever did before, which as you pointed out, makes no sense during a recession when people are desperate for business.


I've had a couple similar experiences. The first, I ordered a specific piece of Rt 66 fabric. When it came, it was Rt 66, but not the one I wanted. I e-mailed several times, but never heard a thing. I know, I should have called, but really. The second was just this past month. My friend bought a kit for Come-On-A-My-House using Stone Cottage fabrics. Of course it was the last one and the store was not going to get any more. I borrowed my friend kit and began the quest to get the fabric. I found most of it at one on-line store, but they were out of 4 pieces. I found the missing 4 at another site. They were considerably higher priced, and I had to order half yards instead of FQ's. Both orders came shortly after, and I didn't think too much about it. Then, a couple of weeks later, the second shop sent a e-mail that my order had been shipped. I wondered, but, whatever. Well, it came, and I guess I had forgotten that I ordered 4 fabrics, and they only sent 2. Apparently the reordered, and got in the other 2. The part that really ticked me off was that they charged my $5 postage both times, AND, they actually called me when they sent the first part because there was a question about my address. Don't you think they could have asked me about waiting to send it all together? Sorry this is so long, but thanks for letting me vent. Yes, I should have called both shops, to complain. Instead, I will never order another thing from either one.


Love the light polka dot backgrounds...this is going to be one gorgeous quilt! What an awful on-line shopping experience...I appreciate that you told us the name of the shop so we are all spared this hassle...hope it all works out okay!


You should put the purchase in dispute with your credit card company. But do it right away--before you pay this month's bill and they should be able to handle it for you. No excuse for how the owner handled the situation (badly) and you are right to ask for them to put a credit on your account for the fabric they didn't have for you. Good luck and let us know how this ends!

Lisa D.

Your Neptune blocks look great! That will be a fabulous quilt. I'm sorry you had such a bad experience with Sarah's. I feel responsible since I sent you there when you asked me to help you find the fabric. I have never ordered from them and would be very reluctant to do so. After all this back and forth hassle, how hard would it have been to run your cc number through the machine for a refund? I work in retail, it takes 2 minutes, tops. Grrrrr.....


We own a small business and especially during the bad economic times we need to be thoughtful of our customers.
Sorry, but the owner sounds like a moron!!

badlands quilts

I can think of no reason on this planet that you should have been treated that way...shame on them.


So sorry you had this problem! I work in a shop that also has an online store - which we are working on getting going. I do have to say trying to keep up with a brick and mortar shop and an online shop is a chore - but we are working on it. This is the main reason we have to be very concerned with customer service!!!! Also, let me know if you need more of the Patisserie fabrc. I'm at home, but I'm 99% sure we have yardage in both color 11 and 17. I'll be happy to help you out!
Love the Neptune quilt! I'm having a thing with tonal whites right now. I think it's the "coolness" they add to a quilt - I live in hot and sticky land!!!!

Helen in Switzerland

Hi Nicole,
I 'm loving the quilt - and I'm sure it's better with the lighter blocks too!
I was sad to hear about your experiences ordering fabric - the shop owner has behaved very shabbily. Did you tell her that you are a FAMOUS QUILTER with a FAMOUS BLOG with a HUGE readership? Maybe you should let us know her name?
I'm sure small businesses are struggling at the moment, but as Lori said above, that means they need to take more care of their customers not less. I mean, you won't be shopping there again in a hurry, will you? And to think quilters are supposed to be nice people....

Laura Tawney

Love your the neptune quilt! I agree about the lights but wouldn't have thought of that so it's good to see your experiences. It's too bad about the quilt shop owner! She probably lost a good customer and then some others!
Laura T


Cannot believe someone would lie like that - I would contact your credit card company and dispute the charge completely!


Yikes, sorry you had such a bad experience. I will definitely not order from that shop. I had a similar situation arise last month with Pink Chalk Fabrics. The owner of this on-line shop handled the situation much more professionally and I happy to say that I will definitely shop there again.


That shop owner from Kansas should have been standing on her head and doing flip flops for you. They messed things up in the first place by misrepresenting what they had in stock. Shame on them! Not good in the customer service department I'd say.

Denise in PA

First, love the quilt! Second, I think you're absolutely right to be supremely ticked off! Thanks for letting us know which shop it was. I, too, order a lot of fabric, etc. online and use many different shops. So far, I've only had two issues - and neither was like yours - just really long, long wait times with no follow up, but still won't order from those places again. There are so many shops that offer superior service, you just don't need to. Grrrr!


I had one bad experience. My problem is I don't remember which store I ordered the kit from so I can stear clear of them. I ordered a kit so it would look like the pattern. They had kitted it up differently. I talked myself blue in the face to no avail. I ended up ordering more fabric from someone else.

I've gotten to the point when I want to order large amounts that I call the store first to make sure they have it. Sadly, lots of the internet stores don't update their sights.

I sent you an email so check it out.


I have only ordered a kit once, and when I got it, the pattern had shown a plaid stop border and they sent me polka dots. The background was a tone on tone chocolate, beautiful and they sent me flat solid brown. I called and they basicly said, Thats what you get!" I'll never order a kit from a magazine ever again, I ordered it because I wanted what they showed, not what I could pull together myself. And one bad experience does affect others, I don't care who is offering the kit or how nice it looks in the book, never, nada, nope! Not going to order one again.

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